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Reach out to your customers across various platform with ZOHO CRM.  Zoho helps you to connect to the right customer at the right time using the right platform. 


Manage Leads

Manage your Leads sourced from multiple platform within Zoho CRM and automate using Rules based assignment

Manage Accounts

Manage your customer database tracking products, communication via unified platform in ZOHO CRM


Manage Contacts

Manage multiple contacts across organization across Zoho platforms

Manage Pipeline

Quickly Manage real-time Sales pipeline using Analytics & predict your Sales

Manage Terrortories

Manage Multiple Sales territories within your Company using Zoho CRM


Zia is your interactive AI assistant which is a part of Zoho CRM. It optimizes your CRM and analyses daily data to generate the prediction for sales activities. Zia also provides more efficient ways to complete these activities. Now accessing any information from your CRM database can be done with ease by just calling or chatting with zia.

Artificial Intelligence

Performance and Analytics

Track your Sales team Productivity using Advanced Analytics using Zoho CRM & Analytics. Make quick business decisions using Zoho Analytics


Marketing Automation

Generate leads from Multiple platforms  like Webforms, Social Pages, Email Campaigns, Chat, Events and manage within Zoho CRM


Why Linz Technologies as your Zoho Integration Partner?

Linz Technologies is an Authorized partner for Zoho CRM with expert Implementation Consultants who has expertise in the Sales Domain. Right from Lead generation across multiple platforms to deal conversion and sales closure, Linz provides the best industry practices process to customers.

"Why Hire someone Elese, when you have the Zoho Experts"


Linz technologies, an authoriezed partner for ZOHO CRM & CRM Plus offers implementation services to their customer. Linz team has expertise consultants with 10+ years of Experience in Sales domain and offers the best Sales Business process flow.

As the saying goes "CUSTOMER IS KING", we treat all our customer as King and enable them with the right solutions to steamline their Sales Process. Sales team are the Soldiers for any company, we enable them with the right CRM tools to win the battle as a team.


Linz helps in streamlining the process for Lead generation across multiple platforms using the lead assignment rules and help your to prioritize on the right customer on time helping your sales team to convert them as a lead.

Leads can be sourced from Multiple platform like Webforms, Inbound Chat, Cold Calls, Email Campaigns, Webinars, Social Networks, Partners, Referrals, Trade shows, Industrial Community and also from Database companies link Fundoodata, Hoovers, Datanyze, Indiamart, Cobalt database etc.

The lead passes through multiple qualification stages to be converted from an Marketing Generated Lead (MGL) to a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). To track the life cycle of a Lead, it is necessary to have a sales tool like Zoho CRM to manage the Lead on a Single Platform and then score them based on the multiple Lead Scoring Rules to help the Sales team prioritize the Leads accordingly.These Leads are then qualified using BANT criteria (Budget - Authority - Need - Timeframe) and converted as SQL by the Sales team and forecasted/ Piped.


It is important to track the source of the Leads, as it helps organizations determined their ROI on the spends made in the Marketing. Zoho helps you with Advance Lead Analytics which helps you understand the Marketing Spends & ROI

These Leads are then converted to Deals / Opportunities in Zoho CRM and managed through multiple stages based on the Industry. The sales team can set and track their Sales territories, Sales target, Pipeline, Gap to target and Achieved Sales target.

Zoho also has tools like ZOHO Motivator to help your sales team increase productivity using gamification process. Zoho CRM also comes with geo-tracking feature to help you track your remote sales team/workers. 

We at Linz Technologies, will first understand your business process in Sales and recommend the best Industry Sales Process flows and Sales practices to help your Company grow.

To make the best of the Zoho CRM features, your Company need a trusted partner & adviser who understands your Sales process and help you in Sales Process Automation. Linz Technologies as your trusted Zoho partner helps implementation, support and training of Zoho CRM & CRM Plus. Linz uses sales experts for implementing and automation of your Lead Generation, Lead Qualification, Lead Transfer /Assignment, Deal/Opportunity Management, Forecasting, Sales Analytics.

We help our customer in creating Lead from Emails by setting up / integrating their e-mail within CRM using Email Inbox feature. Reach us to know more.

If you are looking to integrate your Zoho CRM to telephone (pbx) integrations, you have reached the experts. Linz as reseller has experience in integrating Zoho CRM to multiple phonebridge like Ring Central, Twilio, Elastix, Vonage, Knowlarity, Ringio, Aircall, Jive, BT Cloud Phone etc...


 Integration experts has also done integrations from Lead providers like Indiamart etc.. If you would like to automate your leads into CRM from multiple platform, we help you in understanding the platform and build the required APIs.

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ZOHO CRM Consulting 

Linz as Zoho reseller, offers the expert Consulting Services for your Organization. Our expert Sales & Marketing consultants understands your Products/ Services, Sales Trends, Sales geographies, Sales Strategies, Sales Process, Marketing Strategies, Lead generation, Lead Management, Lead Conversions, Sales Pipeline Management, Sales territories / regions. We identify the business process gap and redefine your Marketing and Sales Process to the Market demand. Our experiences consultants offers latest industry standard Zoho CRM consulting services using digital platforms and tradition Sales and Marketing methodology. We help the company / management manage their Sales team remotely with Zoho Mobile applications and provide a rich data Sales and marketing Dashboard which is in Sync real-time.

We help you optimize your Marketing and Sales strategy by optimizing it at every stage from Lead generation from multiple platforms like Cold Calls (CRM  to Telephone (pbx) integrations), Email Campaigns, Social Media Marketing (Google Adwords, Facebooks Ads, Linkedin Ads ), Web-forms, Trade shows, SEO, 3rd party lead generation and helps your qualify leads MGL's, MQL's using LEAD qualifying methodology within Zoho CRM. We also help you in setting LEAD scores using customer engagement in your different platforms. These qualified Leads are then converted to Deals and tracked in CRM Pipeline management. We help you define your Sales Stages by studying your product and the Sales Cycle for each product. Managing your Sales Territories is another big challenges we see in our customer as currently there is no segregation of Sales  by Region. We help you set you Sales Territories using multiple parameters.

Struggling in managing your sales team with no information on Leads, Deals and Sales Pipeline?


Call the Zoho Experts.


Linz offers Support services for existing Zoho CRM customers, we help customers setup, configurations, customize and integrate the CRM. We provide a scheduled check on the Data, Reports, Security and Integrations. If you are looking for a partner to support you in being CRM Customizations, you can reach us for Hourly packages. We offer Support services in 2 packages (Silver/Gold) based on the number of Hours and 1 package (Diamond) based on Monthly deployment. Call us or Email us to know the support pricing.


The most important aspect of using a CRM is using it in the right disciplined way as it predicts the revenue of the company and also the performance of your Sales team. It is important how your marketing team generates leads MGL's and moves it along the lead stages in the right was using BANT criteria (Budget, Authority, Need & Timeframe). We at Linz one of Zoho's top CRM partners provide training to your team to generate lead, qualify and assign to the Sales team as MQL using the right process. Once the Lead in converted to Deal, it is then tracked by stages in the pipeline against the Target. We train the Sales team to enter these deals via system / mobile (on the go) and maintain a healthy Sales pipeline. We also provide Presentation & Video training materials on demand, In-person training, Online training for your Salesforce. Reach us to get a quote for Zoho CRM training.

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