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Bank reconciliation made effortless in ZOHO BOOKS

Automate your business's financial processing with Zoho Books. Sync your single bank account or multiple accounts and keep track of the money that comes in and goes out.

Download transactions inside Zoho Books


Add your bank details and watch the bank transaction details fetched and matched to your transactions in Zoho Books. Once you match your bank feeds, you can reconcile them with your transactions.

Take control of the cash flow activities

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Get the summary and precise predictions of your account activities. The dashboard reveals the expected recurring payments, past reconciliations and more.

Auto-categorise transactions

Create useful rules to categorise your bank feeds that come in. Every transaction gets identified and categorised based on your criteria, and therefore no change of missing any transactions.

Transaction matching in a breeze

Produce accurate financial statements with Zoho Books by identifying the best matches and other possible matches for your transactions.

Make bank reconciliations in a click

Review your bank account details inside Zoho Books and reconcile them all instantly.


Take actions in bulk while managing transactions

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Choose to perform a single action for a multiple number of transactions. This will be handy while handling hundreds of them, and thereby saves time.

Eliminate tedious manual labour with Zoho Books

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