Zoho Implementation Partner / Reseller:

Linz technologies brings exclusive Zoho expertise and proven approach on Industry Business process Focused Zoho Apps implementation. Our solution  facilitate information-driven business processes that connect, automate and energize your business.






  • Requirement Gathering

  • Workflow and Business Process Analysis

  • Define Clear Objectives

  • Develop Project scope

  • Develop Project plan

  • Inspect Data

  • Map Source to Database

  • System Configuration

  • Data Migration Details

  • Test Functionality

  • Test Delivery of Objects

  • User Acceptance

  • Training

  • System Go-live

Why do you need a Zoho partner to Implement?

Zoho provides software solutions which cater to a wide range of organizational needs. After you've purchased a Zoho tool to add value to your organization,In order for taking your business forward in the right trajectory, You want to come up with an implementation strategy.

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What is Implementation ?


The challenge with any new software solution is that it doesn't come tailor-made to match to your business requirement right away


You'll need to mold the software as per your requirement from scratch into a fully functional tool which takes care of your business needs efficiently. 


Implementation can take like months at a time where you'll have to spend enormous hours in analysing your requirement, then plan the resources without disturbing your regular day to day work. The worst-case scenario, trial and error at the hands of an amateur without the expertise to handle it, for whom learning the tool alone can take months together at a time, let alone implement.



How do Linz Technologies handle Zoho Implementations?


We follow 5 basic mantras of Implementations. We do it efficiently and effectively 


They are :


1) Plan

2) Analyse

3) Build

4) Test 

5) Go - Live



Sounds easy, right?

Well, hold your horses, let’s elaborate on what we do that converts your default software into a full-fledged tool which does the task you bought it for.


Planning : 

This is the longest and most essential step of this process which would pave the way for rest of the phases to come and plays a massive role on the outcome.


First, we do a business study of your organization and shortlist your needs not only from your stakeholders but also multiple other perspectives by making a list of every role, team and department who'll be using this new tool and how it fits in on their use of the product. 


We do thorough research on your requirement and document needs and make sure we convey what are the In-scope and Out-of-scope of your business requirement and give you a realistic TAT ( Turn Around Time) when you could go LIVE for your pertaining software.



After the planning phase is over, now we, Linz technologies would start to analyze the business study we gathered from your end and start working on it without further ado and gather up our implementation team.


We follow a divide and conquer method so we cover more ground in less time and higher efficiency, we segment entire process into different parts and make sure we stay connected with our contact from your side, so that there’s constant updates to your end and in case we need more data or information regarding the implementation from your end.


Build : 

Once the analysis of your business study is complete and our team has gotten an overall idea of your requirement, we start building a solution design which is nothing but the primary vanilla implementation.


We’ll start by mapping your business requirement into the solution i.e, pairing and synchronizing WHAT you need your software to do and HOW we make the software give you the solution.


Once the initial system configuration in the solution is a check, we’ll start migrating the primary pre-existing data of your organization which we received from your end.


The Next phase would be customizing the tool according to your requirement which wouldn’t be a part of the basic solution design but instead be a unique add-on to the tool which would serve your business requirement, some of the few examples of customization in Zoho implementations are as follows

  1. Workflows

  2. Automation

  3. Email Alerts

  4. New Form Creation

  5. Advanced Analytics

  6. Forecast

  7. Custom Reports

  8. Tasks / Checklists

  9. Approvals


In Zoho, there’s also a maximum scope for integration, which helps to move data from one system to other. Thankfully Zoho has an open-ended API (Application Programming Interface) which helps it pair along with other tools in order to push and pull data and work with synergy, Hence nullifying the manual data entry of the same information into the other system.


The verdict? We will perform an end-to-end configuration of the tool of your choice to ensure it works the way you need it to. 


Testing : 

At Linz technologies, we believe communication is the most important aspect of any successful implementation process. Once we start testing, we look at the tool from an administrator’s point of view and tweak any loose ends for proper functionality. 


Then we make a list of every person, team, and department that will use the tool on a day to day basis. After that, we’ll start testing the functionality from each of the above-described employee’s point of view to make sure the solutions works the way your business intended it to.

Then there’s a matter of user acceptance and training in which we from Linz after trying multiple methodologies we adapted to the one which worked best for our Zoho implementations which is, train the trainer.


By now the software has fully been tested and we request you to select a Point of Contact person in each department from your end. We’ll conduct a training session on how they’ll use the tool and conduct an engaging classroom session or remote session according to your convenience and if the target crowd isn’t that huge in numbers we’ll also conduct training for the end users as per requirement and relevance of their use of the tool.


Going Live :

Even if your tool is ready to go live, that doesn’t mean it’ll be received well by your employees. In order for the adoption to be successful, your organization should come up with drastic strategies in order to achieve positive engagement around the new solution, without which the new tool would just become a waste of resources. 


After this, we’d recommend you identify pain points which your organization is facing with the tool. We at Linz can help you set up a change log on what needs to be changed and how we can resolve everything as quickly as possible. 

Elements of an Zoho Implementation

  • Zoho implementation project planning

  • System design and business blueprint

  • Zoho implementation project management and program management

  • Business process redesign and definition

  • Gap analysis between industry accelerators and client business requirements

  • Organizational change management and employee communications

  • End-user training

  • Data migration strategy and mapping

  • Business processes and systems integration

  • Functional expertise in key Zoho products and bolt-on systems