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Linz  Technologies is a premium Zoho implementation partner with 9+ Years of Experience.  Linz technologies is a house of industry experts will assist you in implementation of required Zoho applications. Our strategy includes customization, configuration, and integration services that are needed for a specific business requirement across various industries, big or small. With our cost-efficient implementation services, find effective solutions for your business. We understand your business challenges and risks, and come up with customized solutions and expert guidance to make your business process effective. Linz as your Zoho Implementation partner , helps you identify your business gaps and bridge the gaps with ZOHO Suite of Solutions.

How we help you overcome the obstacles in Zoho Implementation Partner

  • We understand your business and identify the business gaps.

  • We draft a flowchart for your business workflows.

  • Choose the right workflow/integrations that fits your business needs

  • Discover, design and develop new solutions

  • Understand end-user expectations better

  • Code custom solutions wherever required

  • Evaluate and curate ideas and produce secure applications

  • Testing before deploying the solution

  • Migrate Master data

  • Support and training after deploying the solution.

Zoho Consultants

At Linz Technologies, we strive in keeping momentum  as Zoho Implementation Partner

Often, when we focus on implementation we neglect what happens after implementation. This includes maintenance, Zoho support, and Zoho training, etc. As we begin to scope the project, we bring these post-implementation into the timeline. So you are supported even after the successful implementation of the application. We as ZOHO Implementation partner offer support packages post Go-live for any ZOHO application relates issues or tickets. Our Zoho Certified Zoho Consultants help you in providing most optimized zoho training and support to self-manage Zoho CRM.

Stay focused with

Linz Technologies!

Application requirements don't matter how big or small, the challenges always remain. We let you be clear and focused on the problem you are trying to solve, as we take control of the implementation efforts. Are you ready to achieve what you have set out to achieve?

zoho implementation partners in chennai.

Common Zoho Implementation Partners Challenges

Misaligned Expectations

Main goal during implementation is to surpass the expectations. A strong communication between internal teams is fundamental to get this right. Usually in a team consisting of a variety of stakeholders like, managers, leads, digital experts, designers, etc, communication might get affected. We ensure expectations are met by asking milestones and deliverables from initial stages to achieve expectations much smoother!

System and application integration

Integrating with third-party applications for any business demands lots of understanding and use-case knowledge. From website, lead, inventory, to subscription software, you need to connect with applications to transfer and store data. Sometimes, it leaves you with increased costs, delays, errors, inefficient configuration, and more. This may sometimes lead to failure of the project.

Assured Quality

Surpassing errors cannot be acceptable even if it saves time and meets deadlines quicker. For successful launch, quality assurance is fundamental. Ensuring best code practices/ workflow enablement can be challenging. But this leads to best development practices meeting the requirements faster and effective.

Security and Stability

It is essential that one carries out vulnerability tests after implementing an application. Robust and security can be ensured using this. This is usually done to avoid any potential security breaches.

Adapting to

recent market trends

Catering to latest trends and the changing market expectations can be challenging. Keeping resources to stay up-to-date in skills and hands on experience is essential. This includes exploring insights on new technology, trends, customer demands, etc. Ensuring to have a team that is ready to adapt to the changing environment is required to stay relevant.

zoho plan and implementation.jpg

Zoho Plan

At this first phase of Zoho Implementation, depending on the size of project and organization, the resources and responsibilities are decided. Any issues, gaps, concerns, expectations, etc is discussed. The addressed details will help in finding potential project risks. Thus we define

  • Project goals

  • Project requirements

  • Find issues/gaps/concerns


In the second phase,the concept of the current business state and the expected future state is explored. The primary goal of this phase is to nail down the overall business requirements. Moving forward, the analysis and design phase can be seen as a single phase. The important deliverables here are:

  • Project schedule/status reports

  • Business documentation

  • Revising issues and risks

zoho analyze and implementation partner.
zoho implementation partners in


This phase ensured developing a solution that meets user expectation and needs. Project managers, business analysts are commonly involved in this stage, depending on the complexity of the project. The project status and report is gone through and any scope issues are identified.

  • Periodic demos

  • Data migration details

  • Revised product schedule

  • Development reviews


This stage testing of the developed system is done to see if it matches customer’s requirements. The testing approach sets the overall strategy to adopt the methods and processes to test the application. The QA plan - details the activities, dependencies, and effort required to conduct the System Test and UAT.

  • QA Plan

  • Developed system

  • Training

  • User acceptance testing

zoho build crm & implementation.jpg

Go Live

Go-live is the time at which something becomes available for use. In software development, for example, go-live is the point at which code moves from the test environment to the production environment.

  • Production ready

  • Deliver documentation

  • Live data

Promote workplace productivity like a pro!

Zoho Implementation is a big task! But with ensured smooth execution it becomes a success. An effective planning, with a team of experts and required regulations will let you achieve appropriate expectations. Join with us today, to take a step back and get things done smarter!

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