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Why does one need an implementation partner for Zoho?

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Why does one need an implementation partner for Zoho?

Why Linz as your Zoho Partner?

If you have been using Zoho solutions or thinking of implementing one for your business, then you are to find your business at better efficiency! Zoho has been revolutionizing how business is done. Its reliable and secure cloud environment provides 45+ applications that are curated to specialize in various business fields. From tools to collaborate with a team, automate tasks, help customers, host meetings, to streamlining business, you are to change how your business is done!

Apparently, there is no single rule to use the zoho tools. Their flexibility and options lets one personalize it to fit their business needs. This is when you would want to put your best foot forward, coming up with a proper implementation plan with distinctive goals. Especially when you have a business to run, it's best to turn to experts who can strategize and implement effective solutions for you. This is when the implementation partners of zoho come into play!

Who exactly are implementation partners?

They are experts, with whom you can work directly to install and support a software. These consultancy services, certified by the software vendor, help in the successful implementation of software by knowing the best product knowledge.

Zoho Implementation partners / partner / reseller are the ones to help you onboard your business, support and further acclimate new users to your business. To simply put, they lead your business plan with useful tools, as they possess the best expert knowledge in the industry. Their software development skills, local network, and deep insights on the local and global market, helps companies to implement their applications effectively.

Here are a five reasons to use an implementation partner:

(i) Implementation partners to boost efficiency

One of the best ways to minimize risk while implementing Zoho solutions, is to select the right implementation partner. Choosing the right one, lets you foresee the challenges that you are to face, pitfalls in the journey and help you encounter them.

(ii) Optimizing business process

Being consistent, efficient in the business process may be hard, but not impossible, You can achieve an optimized business process by reducing costs, eliminating multiple inefficiencies along the process. Implementation partners will systematically analyse your company’s strength and weakness, to propose strategic approaches, through analysis and understanding. This leads to better results and increased profits.

(iii) Insights from past implementations

All the best implementations would have gone through a number of changes at different changes. The lessons learned from them would be definitely positive and constructive. Those of the effective lessons and impacts from the past provide great knowledge to the implementation expert. They help in predicting the results and success of the implementation.

(iv) Training system

It's important to upscale employee skill, as and when you start building your business solution. Why train for zoho applications? From managing sales, leads, customers, and closing various deals, Zoho provides business-ready solutions. For your team to excel in productivity, team up with partners who can save the hassle and train your team with best resources. Train in various applications to bring the best of it and become a pro in delivering automated workflows and integrations.

(v) Leverage full functionality

To make your every penny worth, you will need to know every functionality of your software. In this case, an implementation partner like Linz Solutions, can educate you on the product’s functionality and let you fully optimize on the Zoho solutions.


Choosing the right partner means, picking the consultant who is familiar with how your business operates and how well they can personalize the application according to it. Knowing the pain points, and understanding the goals let's one create a unique business solution.

As your business grows, the partner can develop new methodologies to meet the changing trends and challenges. Choosing the right implementation partner is vital, no matter which industry you are from. From education, real estate, construction, to sales, tailor made solutions boost the flow of operations.

A right partner will bring your application to life! Before you start connecting with one, here are a few questions you need to ask:

  1. Are they an expert in my industry?

  2. Do they provide learning courses for me and my team?

  3. Are they an expert in the Zoho applications?

Working with an implementation partner

Once you are connected with an implementation partner, you and your implementation partner will have multiple meetings on how to decide on the setup, onboarding options, costs, etc. The partner will invest time and knowledge in your company, and this relationship works best when both parties are built on good communication. Collaboration while making decisions, and trust can produce more positive outcomes.

In addition, initiative and leadership are the important habits. A reliable partner will initiate good changes to the existing system and lead the way towards the success. Also maintaining a good peer-to-peer relationship with members of your organization will lead towards better collaboration.

Finally, your partner will transfer the knowledge they have consumed over the years to prepare your solution for better performance. When you are with someone who looks to continuously improve relationships and offer success as they meet company’s goals, hola, you are in the right hands!

Final thoughts!

Choose the right approach for you and pick an implementation partner who works the best for your business’s goals! Only you know what’s best for your organization. The longer a partner works for you, the better he is known of your company’s specific needs.


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