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Quickbooks to Zoho Books Migration 

Migration your data from Quickbooks to Zoho Books with Premium Zoho Partner. Linz Technologies offers quickbooks to zohobooks migration services. Zoho Books is the best quickbooks alternative. Try Zoho Books Free Trial. 

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GET  Free Consultation for your ZOHO BOOKS MIGRATION!

Linz Technologies is an Authorized ZOHO Partner for ZOHO Books. We have expert FINANCE CONSULTANTS who understands your business and implement ZOHO Books as per your business needs.

We provide Quickbooks to Zoho Books Migration for your business. When it comes to accounting software, QuickBooks is a well-known name. However, the company has been facing a lot of competition in recent years. ZOHO Books is a cloud-based accounting solution that is gaining popularity due to its simplicity and ease of use. But when it comes to migrating from QuickBooks to ZOHO Books, things can get complicated.

This article will walk you through the process of migrating from QuickBooks to ZOHO Books. We will discuss what you need to know before moving your books over and how you can migrate your data without any hassle.


Quick Books to ZOHO Books Migration has multiple steps that needs to be configured and migrated carefully, The data needs to be Exported, Cleansed and Imported to ZOHO Books in a pre-defined format. Below are the steps that our ZOHO Finance Experts will do your for Quick books migration. Migrate your quickbooks to Zohobooks with your expert Zoho Partner.

Migration Steps:

  • Migrating Chart of Accounts

    • Created New Chart of Accounts in ZOHO BOOKS ( For non-listed COA)

  • Export and Import Contacts

  • Export and Import Items

  • Set opening balances.

  • Overseas Customers

    • Payables Account Creation

    • Receivables Account Creation

  • Overseas Vendors

    • Payables Account Creation

    • Receivables Account Creation

  • Export and Import Invoices

  • Export and Import Bills

  • Export and Import Expenses.

  • Export and Import Open Transactions such as Outstanding Bank transactions, Account Receivable Invoices, Accounts Payable Invoices.

  • The following reports needs to be fetched from Quickbooks for Migration.

    • Account List (customer)

    • Trial Balance

    • Product List

    • Service List

    • Inventory Asset Value

    • Customer Contact List

    • Supplier Contact list

    • Sales by Customer

    • Purchases by Vendor

  • Inventory Setup

  • Item Setup

  • Organization Setup

  • Profile Setup

  • User Setup

  • Invoice Template Setup

  • Purchase Order Template Setup

  • Sales Order Template Setup

  • Currency Setup

  • Tax Setup

  • Reporting Tag Setup

Migration from Quickbooks to Zoho Books is made easy with Linz Technologies, your best ZOHO BOOKS Implementation partner.

Still Confused with zoho books vs quickbooks?

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More reasons to move to Zoho Books

Easy data import and export

Zoho Books will walk you through the process of importing your data and setting up your company, as well as giving you full ownership of it. And if you ever want to export it from Zoho at anytime, they'll have no issue with that.

Accurate reports and overviews

Zoho provides reports in almost every category and allows you to schedule their reports through email. One of their most impressive features is the ability to export a comprehensive summary of your TAX returns.

Simple transparent pricing

There are no hidden costs, sudden pricing updates or product updates. You will always know what you are getting with Zoho Books. If there is any "shock," it is the simplicity of using it!

Integrated business platform

Zoho offers more than 40 integrated business software that work together to provide a wide range of tools for as many aspects of your business as you need. Choose from a variety of platforms that are compatible with your budget and needs—choose the platform that ticks all the boxes for you.

Free reliable support

No more wasting your time trying to reach customer support. Zoho Books offers reliable & quality Arabic customer service in a matter of minutes with email, chat, or phone.

Prioritize data security

We at Zoho take your data security seriously. Our Books product has a range of protection features such as IP restrictions, two-factor authentication, SSL, and more. We only provide access to your data to authenticated users. To be specific, data access is granted by default to only the user who created it.

What makes Zoho Books the best choice?

Client portal

Stay in touch with your customers whenever they want to, while on any device of their choice. You can delegate tasks, stay updated on project status and give them a chance to review ; approve estimates at their convenience. They can also make regular payments and leave feedback if they need you again in the future.


Zoho Books offers a personal document assistant that can extract the data from your file you need and generate related transactions in seconds. So you can focus on other tasks while they do most of the hard work for you.

Integrated business platform

To minimize errors, add a quality control process to your sales workflow that includes transaction approval by a designated manager. This way, a manager can verify or edit transactions before approving them.

ZOHO Books the Best Quickbooks alternative, Migrate Now..

Why Linz Technologies for Quickbooks to Zoho Books Migration ?

  • Expert Certified Premium ZOHO Partner

  • Finance Consultants with domain experience

  • 100+ Zoho Books Migration Projects

  • 9+ Years of Experience

  • 1500+ Customers across globe.

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