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Managing Subscriptions is easy and efficient now with Zoho Subscriptions

Subscription management can be really challenging when done manually. It’s one of the areas where your company’s revenue is also at stake. That’s why you need Zoho Subscription which makes your subscription management process seamless and easier. It’s not just Zoho Subscriptions but also includes a long list of Zoho products such as the excellent Zoho Finance Suite. This makes Zoho Subscriptions one of the veritable one-stop-shop subscription and billing management solutions for your company. Zoho Subscriptions will solve all your worries and especially with Zoho Implementation partners like Linz Technologies, it’s going to get only better and brighter.


Zoho Subscriptions scores high on usability, reasonable pricing, and a varied feature set. But read this to completely understand how this product will enhance your day to day billing and payment tasks.


What is Zoho Subscriptions?

Zoho Subscriptions serves as your one-stop for managing recurring billing and is an all in one subscription management solution. Using Zoho Subscriptions, it is very easy for you to manage complex billing cycles, oversee customer subscriptions, automate invoicing, and payment collection. Not just that, you can also manage failed payment retries and analyze your business growth based on the numbers. Look at some of our happy customers which include LogiNext, EuroBox, HeadApp, Mobile Loyalty, Opiniion, etc. to realize how efficient Zoho Subscription is for your business. You can try out all the features in Zoho Subscriptions now by signing up for a free test account today!


What are the Features of Zoho Subscriptions?

  • Automated Recurring Billing :

Zoho Subscriptions helps you automate all your recurring billing. They also charge your customers only after every billing cycle for you. With the Auto-bill option, you can easily set up billing frequencies, and cycles for your business or product or service, and then cool off to the next task without having to worry about following up. Zoho Subscriptions automates your recurring billing for you. And based on the billing frequency, it plans and sends out professional-looking invoices before due dates. This means you don't have to worry about missing revenue.


  • Tailor and send beautiful invoices :

You can send personalized invoices to showcase your business' identity. Zoho Subscriptions multiple customizable invoice templates, allows you to modify them to suit your business’s exact needs. You are free to add your company's logo, set a background image and customize the template to a T. It is also easy to capture more information with the help of custom fields.


  • Prorate and bill automatically :

With Zoho Subscriptions, you need not worry about manual calculations for subscription upgrades or downgrades. We automate the complete process of proration and bill clients based on their prorated usage.


  • Bill globally and stay compliant :

As you scale your business, you'll likely be billing customers across different borders and nations. Zoho Subscriptions has a Global edition and also dedicated editions for different countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. This will help you stay tax-compliant, anywhere across the globe.


  • Secure credit card information :

If you are worried about security, Zoho Subscriptions is a PCI-compliant recurring billing platform. It means that you can rest peacefully assured that your customers' credit card information is managed in the safest and most secure manner possible.


  • Manage multiple subscriptions :

Subscription management gets easily complicated when customers have multiple subscriptions to handle simultaneously. But we have made it easy for you with Zoho Subscriptions. It is efficient for you to send a single consolidated invoice to a customer who's subscribed to multiple products or services as well as adjust their credits.


  • Get flexible with pricing plans and trials :

With Zoho Subscriptions, it is easy to add and manage multiple pricing plans to your product or service. This feature of Zoho Subscriptions will enable you to reach out to a wider range of potential customers across the globe. You can also get a sneak-peek into all the pricing details available from a single screen. If your customers want to check out the product, don’t worry.  Offer them confidently to take your products for a spin, by selecting a trial period.


  • Attract a crowd with coupons :

You can also promote your business and increase sales with the help of coupons. With Zoho Subscriptions, you can easily create a variety of coupons and let your customers try a newly introduced service, or cross-sell products and manage the existing coupons.


  • Provide ownership to customers with a self-service portal :

Zoho Subscriptions offers a Customer Portal for customers to view all the information regarding their subscriptions, invoices, payments made, and statements themselves. This means that they don’t have to wait for you to send them information every single time. They can also easily update their card and contact details right from the portal without hassles.


  • Pause and resume subscriptions :

It is not right to expect your customers to be a part of the Zoho Subscriptions family all the time. If they want to temporarily suspend their subscription, we give them an option to quickly pause the subscription instead of canceling it altogether. In this way, we combat voluntary churn, at the same time allowing customers to save unnecessary expenditures. Cancellations can affect your churn report but pausing subscriptions will not do it.


  • Create Invoices your way :

With Zoho Subscriptions, you can create invoices in your own style. Feel free to choose the invoice templates and let them reflect your brand. Customize it anyway by adding the company logo, include your terms & conditions, and customize every element of your invoice.


  • Customize hosted payment pages :

Not just invoices, you can make interesting tweaks to your hosted payment page to reflect your brand’s identity and voice. Make use of all the customizable elements as much as possible to make sure you convey the necessary information to your prospects even before they subscribe to your product or service.


  • Set up pricing widgets :

With Zoho Subscriptions' ready-to-deploy pricing table and checkout button widgets, your customers and potential customers can get all the information that they require in a single go. They can also make their payment in just a couple of clicks. You can also edit the widgets based on your needs and embed the code onto your website.


  • Personalize the customer portal :

Make your customers fully efficient and convenient by allowing them to own the subscription by giving them access to the customer portal. You can also personalize the portal to make sure your customers can feel your brand environment.


  • Ensure on-time recurring payments :

To make sure your chances of getting paid on time are high, Zoho Subscriptions offer customers to use multiple payment options. To aid this process, Zoho Subscriptions offers many online payment options. This includes credit card, ACH, and online banking, as well as offline methods like cash and checks.

  • Accept recurring payments in multiple currencies

Offer your customers the comfort and convenience of paying in their native currency. To make this true, Zoho Subscriptions lets you receive payments in multiple currencies. Don’t worry about transactions. Once you receive the payment, you can convert these transactions into your base currency to facilitate your accounting.


  • Salvage lost revenue :

Failed payments will no longer be a headache for your business. Zoho Subscriptions offers dunning management, automated retries, and payment reminders. This will ensure that are kept away from losing revenue due to failed payments. This is not just default but you can customize your settings by selecting the number of retries, the retry frequency, and the reminder message.


  • Recurring payments via PCI-compliant hosted pages :

Creating payment websites and making them in sync with compliance is a huge task. Zoho Subscription offers a smooth checkout experience for customers using ready-to-deploy, secure, PCI-compliant hosted pages and helps you get paid on time.


  • Update customers' payment details on time :

It gets tedious to run behind customers to remind them to update their card information before the deadline expires. To avoid these unnecessary follow-ups Zoho Subscriptions automatically sends out reminders to customers whose cards are expiring soon. Customers can log into the self-service portal to update their card information with no hassle from your end.


  • Generate financial statements for invoices :

To let you handle accounting for your subscription revenue without any pain, we have built-in integration between Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho Books. This integration offers a seamless workflow and ensures that all your transactions are in sync with each other. This way you can get accurate financial reports and understand how your business is performing.


  • Get key insights right away :

To help you understand what’s happening and make changes before it’s late, Zoho Subscriptions' intuitive dashboard offers interesting insights. You can get quick insights into your subscription business' health such as churn rate and monthly recurring revenue directly from the dashboard.


  • Find reports for every purpose :

Zoho Subscriptions offers different reports to satisfy all your analytical purposes. You can receive financial reports including net revenue and invoice details, and activity-based reports. This also included reports like API usage and activity logs which helps you understand your subscription billing, your business revenue, and customer.

  • Customize reports to your needs :

We understand your need to filter reports based on time period or product or service, etc. Zoho Subscriptions has got you covered with all of these. It is easy now to create custom reports for all of your business needs.


  • Stay on top of your GST liabilities :

Zoho Subscriptions has dedicated reports to let you know your taxable amount, and the amount of tax you have collected from your customers. This will be really helpful with tax summary and outward supplies to help you file your GST returns accordingly.


  • Cultivate your subscribers :

Zoho Subscriptions curates all the necessary information that is required to make your customers happy.  You can view all events related to a particular subscription in one place including upgrades, downgrades, renewals, and more.


  • Get subscription metrics to go :

We get your need to access your report results offline. No problem! Zoho Subscriptions allows you to export reports in PDF, XLS, or CSV formats, or print formatted hard copies to go.


  • Gain all-round visibility into customer subscriptions :

To make interesting reports, Zoho Subscriptions integrated with Zoho Analytics, and generate reports of your own. This is besides the existing exhaustive set of default reports. With these custom reports, you can get more insights into customer behavior, transactions, and customer churn.


  • Create workflow rules :

Customize your own events by setting up your own workflows. Now easily edit the data headers of the notification and add parameters to the URL that needs to be notified based on your website's requirements. In this way, you can ensure that the data body will automatically be edited according to the headers and parameters.


  • Track subscription changes with webhooks :

You can track the changes occurring to your customer subscriptions with Zoho Subscriptions using webhooks. Whenever a specified event occurs, you can get notifications delivered to your service's URL. For instance, you can notify a particular URL whenever a customer's trial ends. This way, your sales team can follow up and try to close the deal before it’s too late.


  • Send and receive email notifications :

You can receive notifications for all subscription-related events like upgrades or downgrades, and important financial activities like payments received. Besides these, you can also send well-timed email notifications to customers especially before their saved credit card expires. Not just that, your notification emails and recipient lists are entirely easily customizable.


  • Create custom action buttons :

Want to add a specific function as custom buttons? Yes, you can do that too! Add these custom buttons to your subscriptions, invoices, credit notes, and customer payments. These are fully capable of performing the same actions as custom functions. The only difference is instead of the action happening automatically, you'll get to choose when the button needs to be pressed and the action has to be triggered.


  • Developer-friendly APIs :

Zoho Subscriptions offers open APIs which means it is now possible to completely customize your software and get your business started with subscription billing in no time.


  • All things API :

It is easy for you to find everything related to our APIs in our extensive API documentation. This includes everything from the basics to the more advanced operations.


  • Secure API hosted pages :

Zoho Subscriptions' APIs can be also used to create a hosted payment page. This will be integrated with your website. But this way, it becomes more secure to collect and store sensitive customer information.


  • Expert support :

Have any worries? No problem. Our developers’ team is always available for your peer support to help your developers understand the APIs better. You can count on us anytime to help you throughout the setup process.

3 Important Reasons to Choose Zoho Subscriptions

We have been talking about Zoho Subscriptions extensively. But it is only right for you to ask us ‘Why should I select Zoho Subscription?’ We will answer that question now. Especially when it comes to Zoho Products, we keep hearing the word “Automation” a lot compared to other products. The logic here is very simple. Why should work harder instead when you can work smarter? You can trust Zoho Subscription in various aspects starting from handling repetitive transactions that involve physical products or be it running a SaaS operation tool. With Zoho Subscriptions, you can do a lot more than just overseeing and managing your existing cash flow. It curates data and you can use that number to grow larger and higher. We will let breakdown the three important reasons for you to choose Zoho Subscriptions and how powerful it can be to your business.

  1. Subscription Billing is made easier.


With Zoho Subscriptions, you can easily set up auto-bill for your clients. This is applicable for all plans regardless of whether it is a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription-based service. Zoho Subscriptions’ key features can be included even in the initial setup. This comprises free trails, frequency of billing, pricing options, tax details, expiration after x amount of billing cycles, and many more interesting features. To make sure your clients never leave with suspicion and distrust, we allow you to set up multiple plants with ease where you can also include plan descriptions.

If you have used Zoho Finance Suite, you must be familiar with their pre-existing templates for invoices. Similar to that, Zoho Subscription also offers a pre-existing template for invoices. If you are not sure about the template set up yet, you are free to create one based on your requirements which makes sure your auto-billing is sent out not only with a professional feel but also with your brand’s identity. This feature is really interesting and useful as it helps you pull fields from the client’s data and automatically fill that data in the blanks within your invoice. The usefulness of these custom fields is very visible as it allows you to capture more of your client’s information based on your business needs which will help you to make crucial decisions in the long run for your business’s growth. We help you understand what is working and what is not working for your business and then adjust your subscription model accordingly.

2. Process Payments is now simple and automated.


More is always better when it comes to payment options. It is important to allow your customers and clients to have access to multiple ways to pay for their subscriptions. When you use Zoho Subscriptions for your business, collecting payments can be done both online (credit card, ACH, & online banking) and offline (cash or check). If you are running an international business, don’t worry. Zoho Subscriptions supports 87 currencies which means you manage a global portfolio for your business under one roof.

Have you faced challenges such as your customer’s payment failing to process? Don’t panic and don’t lose revenue because of such a constant failed payment process. The reason for the failed payment process is numerous. It could be as simple as your client getting a new credit card as they lost their lost payment. These things could lead to a failed payment process. To avoid unnecessary conflicts with clients based on this, Zoho Subscriptions have come with email automation. Now, you can automate an email that can go out to remind the client. If they had missed this one, nothing to worry about. A follow-up email after that can be sent based on whether they have or have not fixed their payment method on file. This will help your client from overlooking the payment for a month which is natural given their multiple hectic schedules. This might look like a very minute feature, but when you are handling thousands of subscriptions in a month, this will come in handy really quickly.

3. Powerful API for smart automation.


You can be a small or medium or large business corporation. But the more you automate your processes, the more you will be able to save. You need to be very smart with labor costs. It is better not to leave these tasks to the risk of human error as the consequences can be really expensive. Using Zoho Subscriptions API (application programming interface) for your business is the root of the automation. It is easy to create workflow rules that help in automating actions specifically catered to your business requirements. When we say automation, it includes everything from automated email alert functions & buttons and to tracking subscription changes using webhooks. This is an important aspect for you to consider as this is where you can hone in on what KPIs are important to your organization and create these functions to give you those accurate analytics. In an ideal situation, once you’ve built out this machine, the time and energy you need to spend on maintenance should be minimal. Yes, we do agree that the initial build-out can look a bit costly in the beginning, but when you consider it in the long run, it can save you big on labor and boost sales. 


Though not convinced fully yet, are you interested in giving it a try? We have an option for this as well. Take Zoho Subscriptions for a test spin with a free 14-day trial with no strings attached. Of course, if you need any help, the Linz Technologies team is always here for you.

Still not sure? Talk to Zoho Implementation Partners Today!

You can enjoy all these features of Zoho Mail provided your implementation process is smooth and seamless. Zoho Implementation is the process of mapping your business process to the Zoho suite of applications. This is where Zoho Implementation partners such as Linz Technologies will come in handy. As a Zoho Implementation partner, we identify key business gaps and fix the issues with Zoho’s Solution.

Are you looking for Zoho partners in Dubai?  You have come to the right place. Check out Linz Technologies – the perfect Zoho Implementation Partner for you!

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