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Linz technologies is the full-service Zoho consulting partner with the resources and skills to induce the job done right. We have an inclination to deliver success through the event of transformative cloud-based business solutions with our customers. We are Certified Zoho Consultants with desired in-depth cognitive content and knowledge to listen to you through, understand diligently regarding your business goals and build cost-effective and effective solutions around them. We carter an organized system with the right elements to provide a full-fledged solution process. Our Zoho Consultant are the best experts for your solutions for your business.

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Improve Customers Engagement with Potential Zoho Consultant Partners

As an authorized Zoho consultation partner, our team offers easier solutions for your team to deliver the best customer experiences and collaborate with them.


Also, being the Zoho certified partner, we provide a versatile product range like the Zoho One, Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Books, Zoho Creator, Zoho Campaigns, and other marketing and sales applications of Zoho! With us, you are assured of opportunities to understand your business and explore it well. Come join with us and take the leverage of our excellent services. Looking for Zoho Consultant near me? You have reached the right Zoho partner.

Deeper Business Analysis to Bring Effective Solutions

Identify Objectives

Identifying goals and strategy evaluation helps in visualizing the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. what We identify and evaluate your business objective to find gaps and further provide solutions that fits the need.

Business Intelligence

We predict the trends and plan effectively for the future. The information on various levels is addressed and the different type of users is understood to bring a sophisticated solution.

Data Analytics

Are your existing solutions not working up to the desired expectations? We invest in understanding your business with previous data and driving solutions that work.

Agile Consultation

Our services are designed to provide a range of agile solutions to increase agility in organizations. This is to ensure user-satisfaction and measuring the need for flexibility into the delivered product.

5 Stages on How We Consult a Zoho Project

Discovery – We pay attention

The primary step of consultation is the discovery. Our team of experts has worked on a range of products across different industries. We discover what we need to ask you, how to listen, and how to implement that information.

Analysis - We research

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How important is taking an in-depth look into your current operation methods? It’s highly important as the complete analysis in the business, gives information on current goals, and what’s to be focussed next!

Solution - We plan

Our team of experts offer you relevant solutions based on knowledge and your business environment. We help you focus on your strengths, get insightful perspectives and push for innovation to stand out from the competitors.

Design - We deliver

zoho design consult.png

The next step is putting ideas into action. We will shape your solutions, to drive more ROI and tailored to the desired needs. Also, it will be focussed on cost-saving and effective operating solutions for your business.

zoho support services

Support - We assist

We will do what it takes to exceed your expectations. After the build and design part, we go beyond and offer technical support and 24*7 customer service to meet your immediate needs. Visit our support page to know what more we offer!

Zoho One - Your ultimate one-stop suite for successful business

Implementing Zoho One will be a sophisticated approach to your business and works smartly. The combination of applications for Sales, Support, HR, Marketing, and more, lets you manage and automate workflows for your entire organization. Being a Zoho One consulting partner, we provide customized solutions as per your business needs.

  • What is the Email retention?
    Email retentions means holding a backup of all emails for a predefined time in the business.
  • What is eDiscovery?
    E-Discovery is literally electronic discovery, a method by which you can scan and view all stored emails.
  • Why do you need eDiscovery?
    An email retention policy and eDiscovery let a company stay in line with privacy legislation, handle complaints and lawsuits, prevent interfering with witnesses and address identity theft or legal conflicts.
  • Will you retain emails from suspended accounts?
    Emails from inactive or deactivated accounts will also be retained in compliance with the retention policy. Yet after the default time frame, data from deleted accounts will get cleared off of our systems.

Zoho + Linz Technologies

With this powerful combination, you can:

Establish business relationships

Build relationships with customers and retain your organization reputation.

Build Amazing communication

Build effective communication to eliminate gaps and improve visibility.

Build strong sales pipeline

Visualize the pipeline to prioritize the deals and improve the sales funnels.

Strengthen business collaboration

Allow support and marketing teams to leverage the information gathered by CRM and respond to tickets quicker.


Streamline sales  and get to the customers' top-line views to tap into the cross-selling and up-selling business opportunities.

manual work

Execute recurring tasks or processes in a business with automated workflows, where manual effort can be replaced.

How Linz Technologies Put Your Business In a Right Track?

As trends begin to head in the right direction, businesses that make smart decisions today will see considerable results over the coming years.  It is a simple and fast way to gain access to required expertise. By connecting with our consulting services, regardless of size of organization we can play a vital role. Ready for success? Talk to our experts today!

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