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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Zoho Desk Consulting Parter

There was a time when it was difficult to manage the business remotely, but now we are in a new era where setting up businesses remotely has become much easier. Every SME finds it difficult to maintain their past data and generally it becomes difficult to manage an overload of new information or work in their organization. Every business has to go through streamlining their process, but don’t worry we at Linz technologies are here to help you by serving your requirements and making your work easier with various Zoho software applications. Zoho gives the organization 40+ integrated software’s to manage, connect and automate business process. These software’s can help an organization streamline their business process. A business can focus on generating profitability for their organization and rest of the maintenance will be taken care of by Zoho consultants. It is obvious that if customers are happy then your business will GROW.

Zoho desk software is a web-based help-desk that gives businesses the ability to manage their customer support more efficiently and effectively. The use of help-desk in an organization is necessary as it manages customer queries regarding product and services. Zoho help-desk is not related to any other slow working help-desk assistance, instead it makes sure that customer queries are answered faster. It assigns help desk tickets faster to the right agent using multiple rules like products, region or priority, even tracking tickets is easy, and this software helps in setting up alerts for a smoother work experience. It is assured that if a company adopts Zoho Desk software then there will be maximum customer satisfaction which is one of the most important aspects to run an organization. All the data and information is maintained on the cloud which is a very secure way to manage and also Zoho help desk software is very cost effective for installation and maintenance.

Zoho software help desk consist of three important aspects- Managing Tickets, Automation, Reporting and optimizing. Generally managing a ticket becomes very difficult for help desk assistance but Zoho Desk helps to pull the customer emails from email address and maintain it in a single platform which can be easily accessible. Then it becomes easy for help desk executives to answer their customers query and logging them, also accurate for faster response to the customer’s feedback and query on social media. Next is the automation suite which allows help desk coordinators to make sure that the queries raised by customers are directly directed to employees who can answer their specific queries on time. This feature helps the coordinators in monitoring the tickets that have been responded by the help desk executives, analysis time taken by help desk in resolving a ticket and understanding the critical tickets in the queue. To optimize this operation more efficiently the most important function of customer service is to analyze the various parameters such as- understanding the critical aspect of the help desk, company’s managers can analyze the load on the help desk, resolution rate of executive, turnaround time etc. These parameters can help the managers to quickly survey how far the performance is in response to customers and making work process better.

Zoho Desk Implementation Partner - UAE & Dubai

Zoho's Artificial intelligence Zia can undertake the crucial tasks like anomaly detection and sentiment analysis. Interesting feature of Zia is it doubles the conversation assistance to resolve customer queries and provide solutions. It can also be trained to perform actions like placing or editing a customer’s order also notifies the managers about the queries which had not been answered so that there isn’t any duplication of work. To process work stress free and simple another addition is Blueprint which helps the businesses bring discipline in customer services. It ensures that customers get a timely and consistent experience. Its helps in saving time for assistance so that they can focus on critical issues. As business grows it becomes much more difficult to manage tickets and queries, to support blueprint that helps in consistency of work. Every organization has their own unique working style so Blueprint helps in customizing every detail of various designs, specific condition which needs to be implemented or if any customized notification which needs to be sent out, all these changes are possible. A team of employees can also be a part of Blueprint process which doesn’t need any supervision as blueprint has its own steps which must be completed without which an executive cannot go to the next step.

Zoho desk Add-ons is listed on Zoho marketplace which can be easily accessed by developers to host, build and sell the extensions. Whatever is built by the developers will be hosted on Zoho market place which can be accessible by customers. Even businesses can build niche solutions and can also customize Zoho desk. Radar is another addition in Zoho Desk platform which gives managers and agents a complete overview of important customer service stats which can be operated from their mobile. On Daily basis critical areas like ticket resolution time, customer satisfaction and individual agent stats can easily be monitored. Radar also cut through the clutter by showing or notifying exceptions, its sets a pre-defined metrics and if there is any deviation from them then immediately it will be notified through alert message to managers and agents. There are also various other benefits and usage of Zoho desk, business can get various benefits using Zoho desk software.

Zoho Desk Implementation & Consulting Partner

Don’t wait for someone to come for your rescue, now is the correct time to welcome Zoho software which will give your organization that extra edge. These software are easily usable and can make your business function smoother so you just have to focus on your organization’s profitability and rest will be taken care of by Zoho software consultant. To get the best service and support please reach out to Linz Technologies, we are open to help you and our Zoho software’s are ready to be installed which will make your business process smooth. We are currently operating in India and Dubai.

For further details and clarification please visit our website or you can also reach out to us on 91-9500014757. We ensure you the best delivery of service and support.

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