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Zoho Email Hosting for Your Business

Zoho Mail presents you with the most friendly user inferace for your everyday business communications.

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Business Mail

Host your business emails with an email hosting provider that is private, authenticated, reliable and ad-free.

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Exceptional Data Security and Privacy-Assured

Data centers at Zoho mail continue to offer finest Data security and maintenance service with a consistent up-time of 99.9%. Reliable email hosting with both rest and end-to-end encryption, including encrypted data of S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) messages.


Stick with professionally

Create your own zoho domain setup and create custom business email addresses. Specific and professional email addresses have the credibility and recognition that your business deserves.

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Extensions Control Panel

Data is the most important asset for any business. The vital information is available only in e-mail exchanges of your company. Zoho Mail's eDiscovery helps you track, store, and lookup for data, if you want it.

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Retention of Emails and Discovery

Retain emails for a defined time in the business to meet with company policies and to avoid legal threats. E-Discovery allows you to easily recover threads using Email retention.

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Zoho Mail From Mobile​

At times of when you are away from the office, handle your business communications from the Zoho Mail mobile app. Native mobile applications for mail, mail admin and streams make it simpler and simpler to establish communication.

Zoho Payroll Android
Zoho Payroll IOS
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Streams the Latest E-mail Away

Connect your mailboxes with streams gives a social media feel. Substitute endless corporate email threads with your comments, add your colleagues, share your files, handle tasks and more when away from the email inbox.

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Private Replies

Respond privately to disclose any highly confidential details, right from the discussion line, without having to move over to a series of messages or any other streams.


Contextual Mail 


Communicate through email when you're so busy and if it’s official?

It's just how complicated things could get. No longer!

Streams mobile interface allows you to make conversations across emails by just making comments on them. And convey your acknowledgement of these comments by touching Like button. It's just that straightforward.


Task | Event | Notes

Quickly get things done by sharing notes, distributing tasks, or even coordinating events. Streams also meaningfully allow you to share information among themselves.


Make streams pass on your m

Download Streams

obile phones.

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