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Secure Inbox 

And Protected Messages

With the best practices in privacy, email protection, and regulation, Zoho Mail works relentlessly to provide you with the ultimate email experience and Data Security is an integral part of it.


Enterprise Standard Compliance And Security

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Physical Security

Zoho Mail holds encrypted emails in bulletproof buildings and ensures the highest degree of authentication and surveillance to secure them                      from external breaches and malware attacks.

Data Centers 

Our data centers are located across the US, Europe, China, and India to store mass data volumes. Data servers are placed in non-disclosed locations, tracked 24/7, and locked with biometric security to prevent unauthorized access.

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DDOS Controls

Attacks by DoS and DDoS causes irregular traffic to trigger denial of service. Zoho Mail practices DDoS prevention protocols that aim to resolve these attacks by monitoring traffic patterns and making measures required to prevent service interruption.


The Data centers of Zoho Mail operate with the finest hardware framework, built with highly sophisticated technologies that handles data management and retrieval smoothly. In the unfortunate case where either of the data centers fail to operate, Records can be recovered from the backups saved on the storage network.

Data Protection

Zoho Mail allows administrators to monitor their data with data security tools. You're all prepared to combat spoofing, phishing, spam, and data leakage via email using standardized procedures, rules, and processes throughout the service.

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Secure your domain from being misused by intruders by including in Zoho Mail a DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) policy. When establishing a DMARC policy, unauthenticated emails sent in the organization's name are either forcibly removed or denied, depending on the policy. Reports to make specific modifications to the policies may be produced for review.

Email Policy

Check your emails sent and received by customizing email policies in Zoho Mail for your company. Specific networks, devices, domains and users can be limited in order to prevent data leaks.

Malware Protection

Specific extensions are scanned and bounced back when a threat is found by emails received with a Zoho mail attachment. The Zoho Mail's protected attachment policy prevents the uploading of files with such extensions to prevent the transmission of malware.

Spam Filter

Zoho Mail would screen your inbox and permit secure and authenticated emails. The incoming emails are scanned for phishing and spoofing using the Spam filtering feature and pushed into the appropriate inbox or spam folder.

Encrypted E-Mail

Anybody other than the intended recipients can not read encrypted emails. By encrypting the data in storage and transit, the possibility of unauthorized interception is significantly reduced.

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Encryption at Rest

E-mails are stored in encrypted format on Zoho Mail servers. Your data are divided into fragments and before being saved on our disks, every fragment is further encoded. The keys for encryption are handled extremely efficiently and securely.

End To End Encryption

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) authenticates email traffic with both your browser and the server. For all communication from POP / IMAP / SMTP clients to our servers, Zoho Mail uses SSL connection, so during the transition your data is unable to be read or manipulated.


Specific extensions are scanned and bounced back when a threat is found by emails received with a Zoho mail attachment. The Zoho Mail's protected attachment policy prevents the uploading of files with such extensions to prevent the transmission of malware.

 TLS Indicator And

Encrypted Indicator

The safety standard of emails you send and receive is also kept informed. All Zoho Mail server emails are encoded and marked as TLS in transit. If you do not support TLS by the other providers concerned, you will be notified by the email as Plain.

Secure  Access

The most important step to protect your data is to safeguard your account. In order to free you from phishing attacks, Zoho Mail has installed many protection lines.

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Two Authentication Factor (TFA) furthers the account with an additional security layer. Touch ID, SMS and QR code are just a few of the different possibilities offered by Zoho Mail that can be used to prove the identity of your account when you sign in. You can always rely on TFA to keep your account secure even if your password is compromised.

Single Sign On

Single Sign-On increases the security of all Zoho applications by offering unified access. The odds of it being compromised are slim with your credentials in a secure location. The process through your applications is simpler and faster without the need of entering passwords in several cases.

OAuth 2.0

Understanding the value of securing your identity, Zoho Mail is accommodating of OAuth 2.0. You can access Zoho Mail from other third-party apps using the OAuth 2.0 authentication mechanism, without having to reveal your password to the external provider.

Report On Unusual          Activity

Zoho Mail is actively monitoring your account on any malicious activity. In the case of any such involvement — which included a login from a new place — you and your administrators are immediately alerted. If necessary, you can strengthen the security of your account.

Certificates And Compliance

Zoho Mail provides users with an ad-free experience, based on customer assurance. Zoho Mail has incorporated good practices to international security standards and legislation in order to function up to its principles. Various tools for auditing and enforcement are combined to protect users from intrusions.

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Security Certificates

Zoho Mail is regularly audited by third parties in the area of email security quality assurance. We have received ISO / IEC 27001, the ISO and SOC 2 Type II standard, for security, availability, quality of delivery, confidentiality and privacy certification of the SaaS Providers.

Archival and E-Discovery

Zoho Mail’s Email archiving allows both inbound and outbound emails to be recorded, stored and indexed so they can easily be found during audits. At any time via eDiscovery, emails are recoverable. It helps to preserve the intellectual property of the company.

General Data Protection

Zoho Mail is compatible with GDPR. The European Data Protection Regulation implemented by the EU Commission safeguards personal data collected during registration processes or any personal information that is interacting through e-mail. Your personal data are never shared with advertisers despite the privacy of users.

Audit Tracking

Follow up to what is going on in your company and receive instant updates through Zoho Mail audit tracking. Administrators can enable warnings in the organization to take further action to make notices of unusual e-mail activities such as sending sensitive information to third parties or malicious downloads of data.

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