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Certified Zoho Training Partner

Through online training, we aim to offer training tailored to meet your business requirements. We help you validate your technical skills so you can effectively run your business. With digital and in-class learning conducted by our experts with curated content, you can take your courses from anywhere. Connect with us today and stay and stay skilled! We are chennai based certified partners of Zoho, and our goal is to produce skilled individuals and upscaled business productivity!


E-learning with Linz Technologies

At Linz Technologies, we provide training to students as well as for corporate personnels to learn Zoho applications. Being a certified partner, our panel of expert trainers ensure you make the best out of the zoho application you want to master. Create workflows and integration setups that aligns with your business goals, and stays in par with the industry standards by effectively training your staff.

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Intense Zoho Training to Upscale Employee Skill

Our intense program includes a 15-20hrs session in a time of 3 weeks. In addition, we ensure training individuals with a hands on experience. Multiple real time case studies will be discussed to learn on how to bring forth real time business solutions for the specific application. A mix of theory and practical sessions leaves one with sound knowledge and confidence to deploy zoho applications. What are you waiting for? Train your employees today with us!

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Why train for Zoho Applications?

Say goodbye to hassle, and say hello to an excellent customer journey with Zoho. From managing leads, sales pipeline, customer relationship, and closing deals, Zoho provides business-ready solutions with its range of applications. The cloud-based solution platform provides a centralized solution for all business needs. Your team will be able to work efficiently, collaborate better and increase productivity with less hassle when trained with best knowledge. Train in various applications to bring the best of it and become a pro in delivering automated workflows and integrations. And, at Linz Technologies, we make it easier for you!

How Linz Technologies Helps?

Online Training

Develop skills needed for top priorities with our e-learning courses. Improve workflows and automations in a short period of time.

Experience Counts

Our experience with multiple brands, we ensure world-class training. From small to big teams, startups to established business, we adapt your training to fit your needs.

Business Focussed

Make skilling up team members a part of your business strategy to stay ahead of competitors.

Zoho CRM in-class training

Zoho CRM curriculum is curated to train in the application. Understand how it is implemented, and handled across multiple businesses.

Detailed Content

Be a part of our professional program, and get exclusive training on sales, marketing, personalization and workflows.

Certified Partners

With focus on business transformation and customer success, our training focuses on increasing your profitability.

Zoho CRM Course Curriculum:

  • What is the Email retention?
    Email retentions means holding a backup of all emails for a predefined time in the business.
  • What is eDiscovery?
    E-Discovery is literally electronic discovery, a method by which you can scan and view all stored emails.
  • Why do you need eDiscovery?
    An email retention policy and eDiscovery let a company stay in line with privacy legislation, handle complaints and lawsuits, prevent interfering with witnesses and address identity theft or legal conflicts.
  • Will you retain emails from suspended accounts?
    Emails from inactive or deactivated accounts will also be retained in compliance with the retention policy. Yet after the default time frame, data from deleted accounts will get cleared off of our systems.
  • ZOHO Products Introduction

  • Sales Process

  • Sales Process across Multiple Industries

  • Digital Marketing and Zoho tools

  • Roles

  • Access Control

  • Lead Module Setup

  • Deal Module Setup

  • Product Setup

  • Account Setup

  • Contact Setup

  • Territory Management Setup

  • Forecast Setup

  • Webform

  • Approvals

  • Workflows and Alerts

  • Form Basic Customization

  • Template Creations

  • Blue Print

  • Approval Process

  • 3rd Party Integrations with Zoho CRM

  • Integrations with Zoho CRM using API

  • Assessment

With effective technical training, you can use Zoho CRM

Upscale Productivity

Meet the ongoing global challenges with a dynamic approach to identify the long term and short term goals and to upscale productivity.

Improved Performance at Work

Automate mundane tasks so that your employees can focus on major concerns and improve performance

Execute business skills

Execute skills that assist people in understanding customer behaviour and use the data to promote success.

Adapt to Changing Business Trends

Allow employees to learn new skills and explore new opportunities to keep up with the changing trends and benefiting the organization.

Staying up-to-date on Skills

Succeed in facing the rapid changes of your industry by keeping yourself updated on the required skills.

Foster Competitive Edge

Outperform competitors by effectively understanding user expectations. Save time, money, and allocate resources effectively to execute projects.

Learn Zoho, the Effective Way!

We understand as business owners, you need to streamline your workflows, and Zoho makes it easier for you! At Linz Technologies, we ensure that the training sessions are tailored to your goals, rather than just instructions. This is the best place to begin your Zoho Journey!

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