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Boost your Business Processes & Automate it with Zoho Implementation Partners. Linz as Zoho partner has delivered 1000+ Zoho Implementation Projects, Consulting, Support Plans across the globe. Our solution experts help you by analyzing your business process and provide you with the best Industry practices in business automation. Automate your business today with Zoho Applications. We provide high quality implementation by certified Zoho Consultants.

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Are you looking to implement Zoho Solutions for the first time? We have an amazing team to help you in succeeding this journey. From technical to business skills, and from short term to long term goals, and from integrations to customizations, we provide consultation with our panel of experts with wide industry knowledge. Get connected with us now!


Have you recently purchased Zoho applications? Implement them effectively with the help of industry experts. We understand that every business isn’t the same. Our Zoho implementation team will take you through the journey step-by-step. Our cost effective service lets you execute solutions with minimal risks.


To establish a well executed application, you need to work with experts. We at Linz Technologies have profound experience in supporting business applications. Our methodologies and tools lets you simplify and accelerate solutions. Connect with our 24*7 support today!


Uplevel your skills with training programs. We as Zoho training partners, offer intense training to ensure individuals have hands-on experience with multiple real time case studies. Explore our learning options and enroll today!


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Looking for the best zoho consulting partner?
Then, you are at the right place! Choose Linz Technologies. The ultimate Zoho Partner
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Empower your sales and marketing teams to create impactful strategies with Zoho solutions. Capture data effectively and view analytics to make proper business decisions. The end-to-end solutions by different applications can improve your performance drastically. In addition, the sales team when equipped with powerful tools and deeper customer insights can improve the buyer's journey. ZOHO CRM helps you to manager the sales team Leads and help you nurture them. It also help in tracking the Sales Pipeline by qualifying the leads. The Sales pipeline can be managed across the entire team. The sales team will be also able to do Sales Forecasting using ZOHO CRM.



Tools for operations and finance, now plays an important role in keeping in pace with the changing markets. The integrated finance suite of Zoho lets you cover back office operations effectively. With multiple applications on a single platform, you will receive all the benefits from sending quicker invoices, managing multiple projects, receiving payments on time, expense reporting, accounting, being tax compliant and more! To get the best of these products, we help you solve industry-specific challenges, reduce cost and operate at maximum efficiency!

Zoho Partners

Zoho Workplace is a complete cloud office suite for your office on-the-go. Take everything you need with you, from spreadsheets to presentations, on any device. Share with your workmates and get feedback fast. So stop working from home, and start working from anywhere! You need to work on the go? Workplace is your answer. It lets you take your office suite wherever you go, accessing and working on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Share documents with your peers and get them reviewed fast. All while providing a much-needed break from emails!



Customer satisfaction is always considered as a priority. This can easily get tricky, when not done right, leaving you with less customer retention. With tools that maximizes customer satisfaction, the efficiency of your services will excel. Choose the solution that fits the best for the specific industry. To make the best choices, contact us today and let us help you find the best solution for you. ZOHO Desk help you manage customer complaints / tickers across multiple platform. Manage Complaints across Social, Email, Phone, Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, mobile apps using ZOHO DESK. 

Zoho ERP for Your Business 

Being an authorized Zoho Partner, we offer services that are easy to use and ensure that they add value to your business. When it comes to Zoho, we understand all of the products effectively, and lets you implement it into the various functions of your business process. The Zoho solutions offer web and mobile based applications that let businesses have constant access to their data. Collaborate and connect seamlessly with teams, carrying out tasks and tracking the pipeline to grow sales in an effective way.

We have your business covered. Zoho One ERP is a suite of Products to manage your Companies End to end business. Zoho One covers everything from Marketing, Sales, Operations, Support, Inventory and Finance to Expenses and HR. It also includes Contracts and Business Processes- allowing you to handle everything related to your company's finances in one place.

Last time you got a new customer how much time did you spend in your CRM? How about the last time a customer cancelled on you? Or when you had to run payroll? We did too. That's one of the reasons we built ZOHO ONE ERP, so you can stop juggling multiple tools and focus on what really matters for your company: customers.

ZOHO Consulting Partner

Say bye-bye to the time-consuming, expensive and messy enterprise resource planning. ZOHO ONE ERP is built from the ground up with your businesses in mind — empowering you to manage all of your marketing, sales, operations, support, inventory, finance and expense, human resources and contracts. It has never been easier to do business!

Zoho Projects Partner

Collaboration, Office, and Project Management

Online collaboration tools have drastically changed the way we work. These become essential to finish tasks hassle-free within teams. Similarly, project management tools give the ability to handle resources and projects. You can effectively keep track of the progress of employees, tasks and provide a productive and collaborative environment. 

When Apps Work Together, Your Business Runs Better.


Zoho One is the complete business solution for any company. It is a suite of powerful, integrated apps for marketing, sales, service, and finance, all in one place. It includes everything you need to manage your business from customers to leads to orders and from invoicing to payroll.

Zoho One is the only all-in-one solution for businesses of all sizes. Connect your workflows, automate your processes, and grow your business with 45+ integrated tools to manage and connect everything. Be more productive. Be more efficient. Be more competitive .

If you have been constantly juggling over apps to get tasks done in a streamlined way, then your one-stop solution is Zoho One. We are a recognized Zoho One Partner in providing Zoho One services across the globe. Our experts with extensive domain knowledge will access your business, and let you execute applications that are strategized towards your goals. A single, complete solution to fuel your business growth? Say hello to Zoho One! With a host of built-in applications, you can create custom workflows for your whole team and scale it as you grow. We don't just make your business more productive, we also help you automate workflows and get more done with less effort.

What are you waiting for? Get a clear view of your whole business with all your apps and data in one place, accessible anywhere. Get up to 50% more done, faster. Zoho One is the complete suite of cloud services that helps increase productivity and achieve amazing results.

Struggling with your business tasks? Get more done. Zoho One will transform your business's disparate activities into a more connected and agile organization. With better communication and collaboration, increased productivity and efficiency, and a better customer experience, there's no doubt that you'll get more done with ZOHO ONE. Zoho's mission is to empower people, businesses and society with the best technology and services.

This is the complete marketing toolkit for B2B companies. With it, you can run your whole campaign in one place. You can create quotes, invoices and contracts without having to send anything by mail or fax, get paid and track key metrics while doing so. You have a lot of duties on your plate and it can be pretty overwhelming. AI assistants can help you with the following: close deals, manage contracts and projects, track time and bill for expenses, keep on schedule & budget.

Centralize all your customer data, create segments, target audiences with targeted campaigns, surveys, and track results with these simple steps.

ZOHO ONE ERP - The complete suite of products to manage your company. The only ERP that's built for fast growing companies.

Find yourself gathering more leads in a single place. Quickly engage, track and analyze them in the buyer’s journey

Keep track of the ongoing deals, and close them faster. Manage contracts, and generate payment bills for the deals.

Centralize the customer data, and related details in a single place. Further use them to send targeted campaigns, and measure performance with advanced dashboards.

Improve performance across organization with the broad suite of integrated applications for both web and mobile applications.

Get the AI, business intelligence, communication tools and software administration using Zoho One services.

Use low-code customization tools to integrate and extend the operating system.

About Us

Linz Technologies is a Zoho Partner based out of Chennai and offers the best Consulting, Implementation, Support and Training services for Zoho products globally. Linz technologies has highly experienced Zoho consultants who understands business process across industries and proposes the Industry standard best practiced solution for your business. Linz Technologies offer complete Business Automation for small and medium enterprises (SME's). With a team of experts, Linz Technologies is ready to offer you the best quality services in the industry.

Linz has been Awarded as "ZOHO PARTNER OF THE YEAR - 2022" & "ZOHO SKILL CHAMPION" in India and Dubai respectively.

Why Linz Technologies as your Zoho Partner?

At Linz, we offer complete Zoho Business Automation for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).As a technology-focused company, we understand business criticality and pain-points like our own, and we help you solve yours like a Pro. As your trusted partner, we offer complete Zoho Business Automation to help you on the journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur. We are an expert in business automation solutions, and we have helped more than 1000+ SMEs from across the globe. We have the solutions for you to make your business faster, more efficient and more profitable. Our Expert certified Zoho Consultants understands your business process, identify business gaps and help your with the right ZOHO solution to bridge the business gaps.

We have the expertise for ZOHO Sales IQ, Social, Campaigns, CRM, Desk, Books, Inventory, Expense, Payroll, Subscriptions, Forms, Bigin, Sign, Survey, Commerce, Marketing Automation, Bookings, Workplace (Mail, Sheets, Show, Cliq, Voice, Meeting, Workdrive, Projects, Sprints, Recruit, People, Payroll, Contracts, Vault, Assist, MDM, Creator, Catalyst, Flow, Analytics etc.. We have a dedicated team of in-house ZOHO Consultants certified to meet your business needs.

Call Linz for a Free 2 Hrs Consulting today!!!

Why Clients choose us?

Most customer choose us because we are a ZOHO Premium Partner with 1500+ ZOHO Implementation experience. We provide Certified ZOHO Consultants for Project Implementation. Be in sync with your customer needs and deliver them constantly. Get everything you need to be ready for your customers with the help of our experts. We ensure that your sales, and marketing performance excels as we offer a wide range of services that get your business ready - from Zoho Implementation to technical support!

Our Team

Our Pro Certified ZOHO Consultants in our team identifies the significant factors for a fast emerging business.

Our Values

We as Zoho solution provider provide transparency with our customers and alo provide expertise solutions to automate your business.

Our Work

We as Zoho premium partner provide experienced zoho consultants to our customers to help with Successful Zoho Implementation

Looking for ZOHO CRM PARTNERS ? 

Are your looking for an expert ZOHO CRM Partners? You have reach the right experts... Linz Technologies is an expert zoho crm reseller and has been Awarded "Partner of the Year 2022" by ZOHO.


Conduct sales meetings, webinars and presentations right from your CRM. Analyze the reports and track performance at ease.

Meet at ease

Always stay ahead of the numbers by not losing track of sales metrics. With mobile applications, ensure you are constantly connected.

Never miss out a lead

Measure and track performance with real-time analytics and make smarter business decisions.

Get real-time insights

Reach out to customers via various modes and get real-time notifications to ensure effective communication

Connect to customers effortlessly

Automate repetitive workflows

Cut down repetitive and time-consuming tasks with smart automation workflows. With instant triggers and notifications, stay ahead of activities.

Share insights, reports and updates with the team and ensure that every team member is on the same page.

Improve team collaboration


Excel in a customer relationship management tool with us! We assist you in setting up different modules for your customer base to effective nurture the leads. Gain access to valuable resources to build your CRM. Linz Technologies is an expert ZOHO CRM IMPLEMENTATION PARTNER to take your business to the next-level.

The Awesome Zoho Partner!

Our mission is to be the most influential solution-focused Zoho Implementation Partner across the global. With deep expertise, we are committed to helping customers to boost their business productivity using Zoho Implementation tools. 


  • We are best at what we do:

  • 7+ years of experience

  • 1000+ satisfied customers across global

  • Team of Industry experts 

  • 24*7 support

  • Offer powerful business automation for small and medium enterprises.

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