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Work From Home with Zoho Remotely

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

In light of the global pandemic, all organizations have opted to work from home. The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID- 19) has put a halt to every possible move across the nation. And at this point of crisis, companies have adapted to the culture of work from home, which alarms some significant challenges.

It is known and proven that face to face interactions and collaborations are undoubtedly the best ways to work as it allows you to communicate and action tasks in speed. Here is the next best option you can look out for – “Zoho Remotely”. Do you know that with the right set of applications, you can maintain a robust and productive work environment, no matter where your team is based?

Zoho Remotely is designed to help you work remotely by offering a complete set of web and mobile applications that helps you to better communicate, coordinate and be productive.

Communicate and Organise Meetings from Anywhere

With Remotely suite of apps, you can conduct all your business communications online from anywhere, be it a team meeting, customer support calls, training sessions or any important business development or a sales presentation.

Cliq provides you with a range of communication options (chat, audio or video) and serves as a central hub for remote work allowing you to have seamless communication with your team and customers. Using this, you can create different channels and manage multiple charts, simply go on video and audio calls and get connected with your core team. It allows you to also share files, convert messages to tasks straight from your chat.

Effective Collaboration from Anywhere

Teamwork is the key to improve efficiency and productivity. This can be done effectively even if you are based out of different locations. It is possible to plan and monitor your projects, assign and allocate tasks proficiently with Zoho Remotely.

Remote Assistance from Anywhere

With Zoho Remotely, you can assist your customers and employees from anywhere through applications that are designed to support you. It enables you to understand live issues, share relevant help files and allows you to securely resolve customer queries.

Through secure remote sessions across multiple devices, you can reach your employees/service agents and customers wherever they are. Go ahead and provide complete assistance from your location and make all the effort count.

Achieve Productivity Working from Anywhere

The major challenge of working from home is achieving the productivity quotient. Zoho Remotely offers productive tools that enable you to create and collaborate on content from anywhere. You can boost your productivity with office apps that are aimed for effective collaboration.

Use this tool to draft blogs, analyze spreadsheets, prepare slide decks and create, share and edit documents as a team from your own laptops and mobiles from any place of your convenience.

During this time, Zoho Remotely will be available for businesses for free, for a limited period. Please visit to get further details.

Our Zoho Partner and Zoho Partners available across locations will be able to assist you further on the application and related queries. Our Zoho Consulting partners will help you to manage and implement the application based on your interest. We wish this helps you and your team.

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May 04, 2022

An excellent quick read but worth so much! All of the tips you mentioned in this blog are very helpful. Keep up the great work. All the best.We also write the blogs like this. Keep learning and keep sharing is the only rule of successful blogging.

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