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Engage your Customer with Zoho SalesIQ

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Sales IQ is a chat application which helps you to engage customers in your website based on your customers interest. Marketing and sales in one of the many important aspects of running a business, it doesn’t matter if it is IT / ITES sector, Automobile sector, Manufacturing sector, Banking sector, Education sector, Chemical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical or any other sector every business needs to have a good marketing and sales solution.

Customer Engagement in Website is one of the biggest challenges that companies face. With no proper engagement, the customer is quite likely to leave your webpage in few minutes. Hence it is quite important to have a proper customer engagement plan.

Customer Engagement not only builds up the brand awareness, it can also increase sales, engage customers and gradually grow the business. Marketing can be in any form such as direct marketing, internet marketing, customer relationship management, marketing communication, etc. Thus we all know that during this pandemic we cannot rely on physical marketing so everything needs to be managed through a platform where we can have customer engagement, increase our sales, communicate, etc. So, if marketing is good, we can have good sales where we can build loyalty and trust between our customers and businesses.

Loyalty and trust are two of the most important reasons a customer would recommend your company to other businesses. To boost up your sales and have more customer engagement Zoho partners have special tools to make it easy for your business it is designed in a manner which covers up all the important aspects which is needed by a company to increase their sales. Thus, to get attention of customers we need to understand the requirement and necessities so that we can focus on the targeted audience. For smoother functioning for businesses and increased customer engagement Zoho has introduced a tool to analyze the needs and wants that is Zoho SalesIQ.

Zoho SalesIQ helps in boosting sales, support and marketing activities on the business’s website. It has a unique live chat application design which has a built-in tracker, reporting system and gives notifications. Zoho salesIQ identifies the number of visitors visiting company’s website and accessing their products, Zoho SalesIQ helps in engaging customers with their automation tools which can help a company to communicate with that particular customer through message, calls, emails, etc. Zoho application sets up the baseline which can help in easy understanding the requirement of customer, ease tracking the targeted customer. Basically, a company doesn’t have to waste much time is searching for the customer. Zoho SalesIQ integrates very well when used with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk which helps in converting the chats and number of visitors into targeted customers and then if needed converts it into technical support tickets.

As we are talking about various features of Zoho SalesIQ, one of the most important features is to track and engage the visitors visiting the company’s website. It helps in reaching out to the individuals where the company can personalize the offer and discounts based on the location. A business can analyze the web path of the visitor and determine specific web pages with the high and low engagement rates, it also helps in segregating the new visitor’s versus returning visitors. Zoho SalesIQ has a strategical feature of live chat which has a motive to answer before a customer asks a question by providing various FAQs, articles, etc provided inside the live chat application. Zoho consultants understands that every business has different requirements so, the company can design their own live chat window. Just to make understanding smoother Zoho application has various inbuilt views like the ‘Ring’ view in which the visitors can be organized in four concentric circles based on the criteria set by the company to segregate the most important prospects in the inner circle and less important prospects in the outer circle. Another view is ‘List’ view where the visitors can be organized in various columns based of the specific criteria designed by the company and if the visitor don’t fit into any of the criteria designed by the company then they will fall into another less important visitors tab.

Zoho SalesIQ helps in engaging the customer and getting their basic information like name, email Id, Location, phone number, etc. So that if a company wants to contact the interested customer they can easily communicate. Zoho application doesn’t make customers feel like they are interacting with an automated machine it will make them feel like they are interacting with a human who is capable of such AI functions. Also Zoho SalesIQ provides the daily and monthly reports of missed visitors, returned visitors and new visitors so that the company can understand which product is more attractive to customers and also they can improvise the work and make it more friendly with customers. Combination of Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho CRM can help organizations to build their company base as with the help of Zoho SalesIQ target the potential customers, engage them by company’s products and convert them into paying customers.

Zoho SalesIQ is a powerful tool that enables businesses in identifying and engaging with the potential leads and customers through its website visitors. Also it is incorporated with various other features which can help in analysis and reporting like the companies can view data in visualized Map form, provide on-demand customer support through remote assistance in the live chat window, etc. We at Linz Technologies as Zoho Consulting and Implementation partners try to support our customers with the best customer engagement plan and solution. Why should business stand alone in this era of digitalization? In this pandemic situation let’s connect together. We have a variety of Zoho software’s waiting at your door step to be installed and make your business functions smoother. Let us, Linz Technologies handle the application and you can focus on building your products more personalized for the customer. Linz Technologies is based in India and Dubai. We provided services across the globe remotely and on-site.

For further details and clarification please visit our website or you can also reach out to us on 91-9500014757. Linz Experts provides you the best delivery of service and support.

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