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Zoho Payroll Crafted To Help Your Business

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

A payroll management process is important for any business to calculate the payroll accurately in compliance with the taxing authority. It streamlines the information, generates reports, and reduces manual efforts. Zoho Payroll is an effective and efficient build that helps in constructing a better workplace by making that process less stressful and time-consuming, helping you focus on growing your business.

Calculates and Generate Reports Automatically

You can now run payroll in just a few clicks. Zoho Payroll automatically factors and generates pay slips online with a clear and precise breakdown of the taxes, allowances, benefits, expenses, and deductions.

Build Diverse Salary Structures

Well-designed salary structures are vital as it allows you to create multiple pay slabs for all your employees of different levels and groups. It further associates the right template with each employee and simplifies the overall process.

On-Time Payment

Accurate and timely payment of salary is significant for all businesses. With Zoho Payroll, you can transfer employees’ pay straight to their bank account. Once you set the salary days and schedules, a click is all it takes to pay your employees.

Manages Statutory Compliance and Reporting

One of the most important concerns of every employer is to meet the Statutory Compliance that involves a lot of time and related challenges. Keep your business away from all the legal troubles and minimize the risk associated with it through Zoho Payroll. Enter applicable tax deductions, calculate mandatory government contributions, and generate tax compliant payslips for your employees.

Self-Service Option for Employees

This feature allows the employees to access their personal details where they can take care of different job-related tasks that would otherwise require a human resources person to handle it. It supports smooth collaboration between employees and the payroll staff with a secure employee portal, reducing the burden of staff requirements.

Admin Privileges and Powerful Administration

The payroll staff is allowed to permit and maintain control over the user roles and access. With the payroll system offered by Zoho, manage your employees and stay on top of your boarding process. You can also grant permissions, delegate responsibilities, manage approvals, and build an organization with your set of approaches.

Fast Onboarding Process

A successful onboarding process helps you manage the employees and tick off the necessary components involved in the hiring process. From the day of your first hire, you can chart the right course for your payroll operations.

Easy and Effortless Payroll Processing

Zoho Payroll has features that automate and completes your payroll processing in minutes. Spending days and weeks on the same is not required as this tool has everything you need to get your payroll and post-payroll activities done faster.

Industry-specific Pay Schedule

Salary days depend on business to business. With Zoho Payroll you can choose a payroll routine that is suitable for your business. It can either be on the last day of every month, or you can pick your own custom payday.

Customized One-time Earnings

Employee bonuses for holidays or profit-sharing programs can be planned and managed through Zoho Payroll. Pre-tax or post-tax deductions can be easily applied too.

Secured Payslips Online

Payslips can be shared online safely and securely. You can generate password-protected salary slips and make employees access it online in a ready-to-download PDF format.

Distribute Salaries Online or Offline

Process your employees pay directly to their bank accounts online for simple and timely payroll. You can also record offline check payments easily.

Custom Deductions to Payslips

You can set up one-time or recurring profiles to manage voluntary and mandatory payroll deductions. The payroll process offered by Zoho automatically deducts the accurate amount and applies the appropriate taxes during every pay run.

Timely Notifications

Zoho Payroll keeps you updated on the upcoming tax submission dates, and helps you stay on top of your payroll operations through timely notifications.

Automatic Loan Management System

Employees being the greatest asset of any organisation, you can support their financial needs with loans and track them automatically until they're repaid. Loan instalments are deducted periodically from your employees' salary.

Fine-tune Pay Runs to Holidays

If the pay date falls on a weekend or a government-declared holiday, you can automatically adapt and alter your pay runs to process the day before the closure.

Exclude Employees from Pay Runs

While employee leaves can stretch from days to weeks to months, it is possible to record the reason for their absence and temporarily exclude pay run of respective employees without skipping a beat.

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