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Working Remotely is new to many Organizations. Zoho People can help you with uninterrupted business.

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

To run a successful business, every employer desires to know their employees like the back of their hand. Managing your employee’s performance, leave, time, knowledge and attendance is not difficult anymore.

Zoho People is a Human Resource management software which can save your time and resources by automating your core HR processes.

  • Want to store your employee’s files?

  • Want to automate your employee attendance management?

  • Want to manage your employee’s leave?

  • Want to bridge the gap between your managers and employees?

  • Want to monitor your employee’s performance at regular intervals?

  • Want to on-board your employee’s seamlessly?

  • Want to maintain time-sheets of your employees?

  • Want to ease your shift scheduling process?

  • Want to enrich your employee’s skills?

  • We’ve got it all covered.

1. Digitize your file storage

No more hassles about making copies of your employee related documents and clipping it in large files. Digitize your employee documents storage in a very secured way.

You can as well manage your organization and HR related documents from a single platform. Ultimately, it is going to act as a file repository.

On-boarding your new employees and making them familiar with the Organizational hierarchy is trouble-free in Zoho People.

2. Automate your Attendance management

Forget about maintaining large rows and time-consuming excel sheets. Zoho People can automate your Employee Attendance management by integrating it with your office biometric system. When you haven’t installed biometrics in your office, In such cases you can also limit the entries with IP restrictions.

Web based time entries are also possible with location access when your employees got a situation to work at your client’s location. Mark your attendance On-the-go with the Zoho People Mobile app.

Regularizing your attendance is smoother when you do have reasons such as work from home, Late coming, forgot to check-in/check-out. You can set level of approvals when you are opting for Regularization.

Automate your shift scheduling and shift related queries to be solved in Zoho People itself.

3. Simplify your leave requests and approvals

It’s easier to apply leaves and get approvals for it in Zoho People. You can set the number of approvals for an employee’s leave requests. Accordingly, it gets notified to the appropriate people seamlessly. At times of the employees absenteeism, they can also convert that to leave by opting it to convert leave.

You can classify the leave types and set the limitations for the same in leave management. Its ability to generate the Leave and LOP reports make the product more efficient.

4. Review your employee’s performance

Conducting successful Performance appraisals are the HR’s crucial and challenging job, Appraisal methodologies will also differ from company to company.

Setting Goals, KRAs to direct your employee’s journey with the organization, Defining employee’s skill sets and competencies are possible with the support of Zoho People.

Self appraisals, Multi-rater feedback, Skill Set Matrix, Potential vs Performance Matrix are some of the Performance evaluation methods in Zoho People.

Zoho People builds a good rapport between a manager and employees, when the manager gives continuous feedback to their subordinates. By Integrating the Performance Management System with Learning Management System, Reporting manager can recommend the courses to their repotees that keeps your employees well-educated.

You can also generate insightful employee performance reports to assess the quality of Performance appraisals.

5. Manage employee’s project time-sheets :

Timesheets will help in calculating the employees productive hours on the project, which are capable of supporting multilevel approvals.

Structuring the flow of timesheets to keep employees directed will help in timely delivery of the projects. With timesheets, Perform Manpower billing based on the projects. Clocking employee hours on projects are made possible with Zoho People

Your end-to-end HR processes are simplified with Zoho People HRMS.

As a Zoho Partner we can do the implementation, customization and data migration for your HR Automation. If you are looking for the right Zoho Partners for your Zoho People implementation, you have reached the experts.

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