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Optimize mailboxes in your company, set spam policies, put a limit, and configure

Zoho Mail Control Panel

Dashboard, and key details of the domain

Take better care of all domain-related settings and the overall Dashboard                                                  settings for your organization.

Dual-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security to your accounts. Paired with your password, a Zoho-generated OTP ensures your accounts are shielded.

Domain Info

Purchase a new domain you like, run multiple domains, track the status of an email address, add domain aliases, and control all your domains from the single application window.

Zoho Control panel for Email

Customizing the Branding & Login URL

You can change the Login URL of your employees and set up your company logo on a login and control panel screen and login to

Check out how to condition the Two-factor authentication and customize your Login URL.

User  Administration

Manage all user related information and set up user accounts.

zoho user management-03.png

Add/Import User

Switch your users to Zoho Mail from your existing email provider by certainly uploading a.csv file or manually adding them in the next few quick moves.

Reset Password

Don't afraid of forgetting your password anymore. On request, make sure that one of your Administrators or Super Administrators ability to reset your password.

Extend User Alias

By configuring e-mail aliases, generate more than one e-mail address for each user.

Out Of Office Reply

Did you bother thinking about your much-needed vacation may lose your potential customers? Establish user-specific holiday responses that hold your customers even while you are gone.

Email Forwarding

Allocate or retain e-mails by sending them to your company's e-mail address or out of your company.

Email Forwarding

Enforce a password policy and an expiry date for your users to build a safe password.

Know more about Managing users

Group Management

Generate group email addresses, with related policies and permits, for different channels including assistance, sales and marketing

zoho group management-04.png

Types Of Group

Zoho provides four types of groups: Public, Organization, Private and Moderated. Pick the best for the requirements of your platform.

Advanced Setting

Perform extensive group preferences, including group e-mail access, group alerts configuration and group spam control.

Configure Group Moderators

List the appropriate number of moderators for each group and delegate and personalize the end user roles.

Email  Alerts

Using your Control Panel to configure e-mails sent to group members or moderators for any notification or alert.

Modest Email Content

The entire group email content that requires editing is saved in the Control Panel, making it even easier to check and process further.

Learn more on Groups in Zoho Mail

Spam Policy

Spam policies of Zoho Mail hold spams away on guaranteeing                legitimate email landings in your inbox.

Email Authenication

Including authentication protocols such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), the integrity of emails will never be a problem again.

zohoo spam policy-05.png

You can block emails that are not approved by the SPF or DKIM protocols, and you can determine if such messages would be sent to user accounts.

WhiteListing & BlackListing

Hold the spam and authentic email, separated by adding it to the Whitelist and Blacklist addresses.

Spam Report

Stay updated by checking the Spam Classification Records for bounced e-mail and spam groups that denied them.

Click for Zoho Mail’s Spam control mechanisms.

Administrator Priveleges

The policies of Zoho Mail provide administrators with complete control                                        over the organizational accounts.

zoho control panel-02.png
Define Roles & Privileges

Allocate specific privilege levels for each user through the assigning of user roles.

Monitor Audit Logs

Allocate specific privilege levels for each user through the assigning of user roles.

Email Policies

Utilizing email policies to monitor the domains you are sending/receiving emails from, put a limit on accessing POP/IMAP client mailboxes, backup all outgoing emails, and most of all.

Managing User Accounts

With Control Panel, monitor all the user accounts. You can handle everything in the Control Panel, from powering down incoming or outgoing emails to the reset of forgotten passwords.

IP Restriction

To limit access apart from these IP ranges, add verified IP addresses.

Organizational Setting

Enable domain-wide disclaimers, set up different email addresses, including the whole organization's notification emails.

Export Account Data

End up saving email details from entire accounts or emails                            within a provided date range.

Zoho Mail Data Migration

Through POP / IMAP migration or Swap migration wizard, move all your data from your previous service provider to Zoho Mail.

zoho migration-07.png

Learn how to migrate users using POP/IMAP Migration or using the                                    Email Migration Wizard.

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