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Retain and backup – Email Retention and eDiscovery

Data is the most important asset for any business. The vital information is available only in e-mail exchanges of your company. Zoho Mail's eDiscovery helps you track, store, and lookup for data, if you want it.

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What is eDiscovery for?

No let-down when it comes to compliance. Adhere with industry guidelines and email retention regulations by building a comprehensive platform for eDiscovery. We keep retained emails under close control and privacy just as Zoho ensures your mailbox is safe. Secureand  confidential records according to lawsuits, misuse of facts and intellectual property theft.


Enhance Retention Policies

Policy by default may not meet all of your concerns. Build custom retention policies by setting criteria for different requirements. It disregards the default policy and extends to all emails that comply with the terms.

Preserve Zoho Email data securely

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