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Get started with our special features

Presenting STREAMS.

Uplift the way you connect across the organization.

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                  Introducing ZOHO STREAMS

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Both inside teams, as well as between teams.

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No more Reply/ Reply all/ Forward


Using Streams it is possible to have meaningful conversations without the congestion of long, tedious email lines.


Just connect an email with '@' which mentions the people or community you want to engage in a conversation. You can get much more done now, and also with less emails.

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stream email001.png


Productivity made cool.

For every team gets a wall-it is the private space for your team to have a chat room, and the drawing board for your project management is integrated into it.

  • Post a message to the community, and bring a conversation with your fellow employees.

  • Users can 'like' posts and/or comment on them, also contribute files such as status reports.

  • Create and delegate tasks to teammates, share events or 'keep' notes-on Streams, there's a lot you can do.


More with integrations,

Zoho Mail mixes the advantages of old-school email with modern-age social media, via Streams.


  • Initiate a group chat - Have a real-time interaction with the entire community of Streams to avoid comments jam.


  • Send an email to a group – In cases of essentials, use email communication to keep it recorded/informed/official.

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And now, continue the conversation over the phone call. With Streams App

Zoho Payroll Android
Zoho Payroll IOS
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Streams - Email reinvented for a           shared environment.

Your Zoho mailbox is unified email, chat, calendar, notes, tasks and contacts under one.

We still have some new tricks up even if you want to stick to a single email:

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Schedule Emails

Compose it, schedule it, and don’t bother about it. Get your schedule correctly with an email calendar.

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Shared Drafts

Before hitting 'submit,' get a feedback on an email draft.

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Mark your commonly visited URLs as 'Bookmarks,' so you can reach them from your mailbox with nothing but a tap.

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Smart Compose
Attachment Viewer

Bulk email archives depending on dynamic specifications.

Only mention '@' when drafting, and give your recipient(s). You’re done!

Search all the files you've got in one spot as attachments, like the album on your mobile device.

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watch Email

Enable reminders on high priority emails- At the right time we bring you the email thread back to your notice, depending on the terms you defined.

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Folder Sharing

Share your folders with your group. Let them handle emails in your absence with privileges to Read, Write or Delegate.

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An extensive repository of the contacts you saved is accessible here.

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