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Automating attendance regularization system can lead to employee engagement

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Zoho People - Attendance Management
Regularize your Employees Attendance

Employees are considered as the pillar stones of any company. Still, employees believe they are not well managed despite the presence of an Human resource department. When an organization does not take care of attendance of employees, it may lead to Employee dissatisfaction, which in turn can lead to reduced efficiency and productivity.

Workforce dynamics are continuously evolving day by day and there is a need for the companies to adapt to these changes quickly. Bearing in mind the multi-cultural, multi-located workforce, nature of work, work from home options, travel, shifts, flexible time, overtime, paid time off policies, etc, managing time, cost and productivity are one of the crucial factor for small to large companies.

Every organization is focusing empowering their employees every possible way. Employees have a lot to manage on their plate every day. Sometimes they forget to accurately record their arrival and departure times? Sometimes the swipe machine doesn’t work because of technical issues? Or sometimes in a hurry the employee forgets to swipe out or swipe in?

The problem is that when an employee forgets to record the data, it is up to the employee’s manager or someone in HR to manually make necessary changes.

Zoho solution? Empower employees with the ability to edit their own attendance entries. This saves evryone’s time and gives you a more accurate picture of employee hours. Zoho People’s latest employee regularization feature does just that for you.

Let your own employees manage their own attendance entries. Once the employee edits the entry, the reporting manager gets an email notifying the change, who can quickly decide to approve or reject the change. An HR doesn’t have to spend time chasing down employees, and employees don’t have to manually inform their manager about the need for a change. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Your organization can reduce costs and get rid of the manual, tedious, and time consuming process of attendance management by our automated attendance regularization.

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04 mai 2022

An excellent quick read but worth so much! All of the tips you mentioned in this blog are very helpful. Keep up the great work. All the best.We also write the blogs like this. Keep learning and keep sharing is the only rule of successful blogging.

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