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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Small enterprises can keep track of their employees in basic ways using spreadsheets. But when the organization reaches about 30+ employees, tracking of things manually will become difficult and time-consuming. In a company, HR plays a crucial role since they balance the workforce of an organization. From recruiting to exit management, the HR efforts play a gig. This causes work pressure for the HR team. During this instance, Zoho People will come into a bigger picture.

Zoho People is a human resources management application. It is a cloud software that provides 360-degree HR-solutions. It is a user-friendly software that helps track HR activities. Since not all business runs in the same way, Zoho People is made in a way that it is highly customizable. Zoho Creator is customized with Zoho People to customize every form in the application.

Scope of Zoho People

Zoho People help HR work easier by automating the following processes.

1. Onboarding

2. Employee management

3. Benefits administration

4. Training management

5. Documents management

6. Leave management

7. Attendance management

8. Appraisal management


Onboarding is a long tedious process. But Zoho People helps you introduce newbies effortlessly to their respective teams. Workflows can be created to assign tasks to the new joiners so that they can start working soon. This makes the on-boarding process stress-free.

2.Employee Management

The HRM software stores the complete directory of the employee profiles. This eases the tracking of employees of the organization. The information stored maintains the confidentiality of the employee records and company database.

3.Benefits administration

Managing different employee benefits such as Health care, Life Insurance, Travel Compensation is very important. Paid Time Off can be notified to the employees easily by this application.

4.Training Management

Training is given to enhance the skills and knowledge of the employees in a particular field and update them with the upcoming technologies. It increases the quality of the employees and increases the productivity of the company. It appears fruitful to both employers and employees of the organization. Online training management helps to create workflows for multiple training courses and assessments according to the skills needed.

5.Documents Management

To reduce paperwork of the HR, the Zoho People helps in automating the documents uploading procedure. Documents such as mark sheets, payslips, experience letters can be attached to the documents module.

6. Leave Management

Zoho People allows the admin to configure different leave types, holidays and assign the number of leaves available for the employees per year. Having a well-organized employee database simplifies the leave tracking process for the HR managers. With an automated system, entire leave processing systems can be configured in a hustle free way which saves time for both employees and managers. The leave balance of the employees is calculated automatically in this software.

7.Attendance Management

Shift scheduling of the employees can be done through the attendance management module of this application. Shift changes can be notified prior to the employees through configuration. Electronic timesheets help payroll and time-tracking a smooth and better process. Employee clock in/out can be tracked if the biometric access is integrated along with this software.

8.Performance Management

Performance assessment is to calculate the productivity of the employees based on which workaholics are identified and leadership roles and appraisals are provided to them. It helps to retain better workers in the company. Automated feedbacks, HR reviews and ratings can be done through Zoho People. This eliminates the need to notify employees of evaluations or engage them in time-consuming review meetings.

Zoho People not only automates the HR process but also helps in building a collaborative and healthy working environment which helps in better organizational growth.

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