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Don't let poor Leave Management system impact your Business

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Zoho Leave Management - implementation partner
Zoho Leave Management

A hassle-free leave management system plays a crucial role in the running of an organization irrespective of its size. But most of the small and mid-size companies overlook its importance and fail to identify how the lack of a good tracking system could leave a scar on the business.

Also the leave management system should be legally complied. The changes in labor laws, like the recent changes in "Maternity benefits act" in India should be adhered to by your organization.

What Challenges leave management makes in an organization?

When someone says leave management is pretty easy as you are “managing the leaves of employees” simply. But there’s a lot more to it. This function in HR has its own fair share of difficulties and challenges.

•A simple ‘no’ can lead conflicts: Employee relations(ER) team in the organization undergo extensive friction when leaves are denied by managers. Poorly managed leave approval and rejection system leads to uninformed leaves. Also improper tracking of sick leaves, LOP can cause a lot of damage to the current projects.

It’s all about the cost at the end: when at the end of financial year, HRs get bombarded with questions from top management about the percentage of payroll employees spent on absence-related benefits, it becomes a headache. And Research says companies spend around an average of 14.6% on such cases, which is a significant financial impact on organizations.

Talent shortfall: When employees take uninformed leaves or frequent sick leaves, projects get affected and the billing gets impacted. Also finding a replacement on a short notice also becomes challenging. Also such kind of cases, if not gets tracked properly it may hamper organization’s discipline.

Utter volume: ER/HR team faces many kinds of pressures without a structured leave tracking module at hand. In the absence of one, hundreds of employee queries regarding leave makes Hrs inboxes flooded, which consumes a lot of time to answer everyone manually.

Hence, a poor leave management system doesn’t only have a negative impact on employees’ performance but also the organization.

So, the question is how to build a leave tracking system which has ease of access also doesn’t cut your pocket much?

Now in this digitalized era and when majority of our workforce are millennials, it would be impossible for a paper-based leave register or spreadsheet to hold for tracking leaves. So an automated leave management solution can help you out to track everything effortlessly.

zoho people - Leave Management

How Zoho People will help you?

Zoho People streamlines your leave management process. You can track and monitor all types of leave across your organization: earned leaves, casual leaves, training, sick days, maternity leave etc. You can also analyse absence patterns to find the trends and to maintain efficiency and reduce lost time

It provides below features which you will let you customize your leave management tracker as per your requirements

1. Make your own rules

You can make your own customized leave management system. You can Custom leave types, Online leave application, Centralized view of all employee leave information, leave types for an individual employee, location, role & experience level, Location-based Holidays, Accurate leave reports and Import /export leave data. It also assists you to calculate leave entitlements, rollovers, and accruals.

2. Ease of access for Employees

The UI makes it easier for employees to access and how many leave they've taken, how many remains, and can apply for time off from the web or their mobiles. It saves a lot of time for employee as well as HR professionals.

3. Direct Reports

Zoho People provides you access to comprehensive reports that detail the leaves taken and remaining for each employee. The Loss of pay (LOP) and Payroll reports will give you a count of the number of days to be paid for each employee or to be counted as Loss of Pay. You can also get unit wise and organization wise reports.

4. Manages Absenteeism

Turn absences/uniformed leaves into leaves with automatic scheduling. This makes it handy for HR to identify who is eligible for rollovers or not.

Zoho people provides a leave management sytem which saves time and cost, increases your productivity and fully data driven.

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