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Zoho Project & Zoho Books

Say your goodbyes to the old-fashioned project management methods. Set up projects inside Zoho Books and keep your team stay organised and track the moving parts like an expert.

Track and Manage your Project in ZOHO Books


Ensure you never miss billable time. Enter time records directly into the project you are working on, or use the timer to clock the time spent.

Stay focussed even with multiple projects

zoho invoice automation  bill.jpg

Add new projects as and when they come in. Focus on all your projects by adding tasks to them and later on allocating them to your employees.

Build a collaborative team

Control who can access your projects by assigning roles. Zoho Books allows you to grant roles to the project members and also define their actions inside the project.

Managing expense made easy

Add expense information to the project it is associated with. Thus, no more time wasted to bill multiple expenses one by one.

Receive Payments in advance for your Projects in ZOHO

Take advanced payments before starting a project. Use the retainer invoice in Zoho Books to collect the amount and later watch it get added to the invoice.


Log time while away from desk

zoho invoice automation  bill.jpg

Away from desk or travelling? Perform your projects and register your log time from your mobile devices while you are on the go.

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