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Support audience effectively in CMS and Ecommerce websites

Live chat for CMS and Ecommerce websites

Reliable live chats are a great way to support visitors who enter your website and improve brand reputation. This way of virtual assistance improves your customer service. Brands that support proactive conversations with live chat often create easy shopping and browsing experience, thereby converting more leads.


Influence purchase decisions


Customers who get real-time support are most likely to make purchases. Share offers, catalogues, etc to visitors who are in the buying journey to help them make quicker decisions. Let your sales team directly converse with visitors and know their expectations on the brand, and thereby knowing what to improve for their business.

Live chat to reduce online cart abandonment

Offer navigation and assistance to customers as they nearly complete placing orders. The skilled live chat agent can explain the cost addition, return policies and more, clearing any questions that will disrupt the purchase. Reduce cart abandonment with real-time assistance using live chat. 

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