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ZOHO CRM - Performance & Analytics

Track the performance of your Sales team by allocation Targets (Sales Quota) by Territory and track the achievement using Zoho CRM's Performance and Analytics features. The sales tool allows Sales representatives to track independent Sales Target and achievement using powerful Analytics reporting tool. Use territory management to split and allocate Sales territories to the sales team by Region, Zipcodes, City, State, Country etc..



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Zoho powerful real time report provides you with Sales insights using multiple metrics such as trends in Sales, Marketing campaigns,  Sales team's activity reporting, Sales teams Target Vs Achievement, Sales Pipeline Management, Lead report, top deals report, Sale Representative performance report etc..

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Using Zoho's advanced Analytics tool we as partner help you create Sales Dashboard for your organization helping you to be on top of your Sales KPI's. These reports help you understand your current Sales achievement, Current Sales pipeline & current Gap to Target




Use ZOHO CRM's Forecasting feature to Set target, predict sales in the future, and measure your Sales team against the Target set for the Sales Quarter.

Segregate the customers by regions using Territory management and assign Sales territories Sales rep-wise and track Sales by regions

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