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ZOHO CRM - ZIA-Artificial intelligence your sales partner

ZOHO CRM Reseller - Zia - London - Uk - United Kingdom

Zia is Zoho's Artificial Intelligence that learns you Sales process and your team and it offers predictions on Sales Trends, Lead Conversions and Deal closures. Zia speeds up your Sales Cycle with its Automation. Experience the power of AI in your Sales process using the best ZOHO CRM and choosing the right re-seller for Zoho CRM.


Zoho Zia AI - Zoho CRM Reseller

When there is sales happening real-time it would be troublesome to manually enter each and every query, in such a scenario you can give zia voice commands for which she would respond directly or text you the necessary data required.


Zoho-CRM-Lead-Deal Predictions

It is not necessary that every lead would end up successful. Zia helps you predict the possibility that you would succeed or fail when you follow up with a certain lead by analysing the records for the lead in comparison with your earlier successful deals. This way your sales people would not have to waste any of their time going after non profitable deals.


Predict CRM Future Sales

Zia helps predict the trend in your sales in comparison to your current growth based on the sales data from your CRM. Zia gives you a detailed report on each and every activity that affects your sales revenue based on the data from your CRM to decide if your business is doing well or not. Once she spots any anomalies in the data she alerts a sales person to help correct it so as to make your business run more efficiently.



Zoho Sales CRM Automation

Most weekly tasks done by sales people can be automated, thereby letting them focus on the important task of getting new leads and not waste time on these repetitive tasks. Zia studies these tasks  and helps automate them. While doing this zia also calculates the efficiency of your workflow and also checks on the email templates you send to people so you don’t end up sending the same form to one user twice.


Zoho CRM - Contact

Analyse the customer email tone using Zoho's Zia AI and draft the best email and make the best sales pitch to your customer. Zia reads through the emails of your customer and understands the tone of your customer email.

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Zoho CRM Zia Best time to contact

Using Zia's Suggestion, find the best time to call your customer when when they are more likely to pick your Sales call. This helps your team to manage their time to increase your sales productivity.


Zoho CRM data migration

Apart from performing so many other functions Zia also helps enrich your data. Data enrichment is done by zia by collecting data on old , new leads and also all the contacts and accounts to cross reference any similar information and also gives you the option if you want to overwrite the record data from the old leads into the new one. Zia keeps track of the last time you have done this as well so that there is no confusion the next time new data comes in. This is done periodically by zia so no information is missed out.

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