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Effective inventory management system

Work smarter by keeping all your inventory in check using Zoho Books. Organise and monitor stocks under one secure system.

Comprehensive inventory management


Capture the complete product details like SKU, product image, vendor details, and more under a single platform. Take business actions accordingly.

Add customized pricing

zoho invoice automation  bill.jpg

Determine rates and create a pricing list using markups or  markdowns. Send these pricing rates to your vendors and customers to further proceed.

Never run out of stock - thanks to inventory tracking

Track your stocks effectively inside Zoho Books. Each new item you create can be automatically tracked and ultimately view the overall stocks levels.

Know when to reorder

When your products are selling faster, your inventory levels go lower. Get alerts whenever stock levels dip and reorder stocks at the right time.

Real-time inventory monitoring

View the up-to-date inventory information on damaged or lost goods.

Instantly adjust your stock details to keep your team informed.


Inventory reporting

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Get a report on the stocks that come in and go out along with their quantity information. Zoho Books uses FIFO (First In First Out) method for valuing your stock.

Say hello to an effective inventory management system

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