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Mobile apps for Zoho SalesIQ

Take your live chats with you when you are away from the desk. Available for Android and iOS.


Get informed when a visitor lands on website

Receive real-time data on visitors to your mobile device when they are on your website. View them as hot, cold and warm leads, that are categorized based on a certain criteria.

Keep notified on new actions

Get deeper insights on visitors with the Zoho CRM integration, as you are notified of their presence in your website. Knowing this status helps to decide on the priority leads.


View detailed visitor information

You can view all of your past website visitors right from your mobile device. Their entire available information such as past activity, number of visits, crm info,etc can be viewed.

Pick up chats right from mobile device

Never allow being away from the desk to interrupt your conversation with visitors. Initiate and accept live chats from your mobile devices and assist them with a seamless experience.

Uninterrupted audio calls

Let audio calls be an alternative to long chat conversations. Pick up calls from your mobile and answer complex queries within minutes. In addition, the visitors can also leave a voicemail.

Predetermined responses to common questions

Save tons of time for your team from typing answers to common questions using predetermined responses. These canned responses will give accurate and consistent answers to all visitors in a single click.


Customize the app based on your needs

Want to be notified always, or only on certain scenarios? Decide it by customizing the way you are notified by your app. This will be helpful to ensure the team members get relevant notification on visitors based on which part of the buyer journey they are responsible for.

Be connected with your teammates

Seamless communication with the team is possible from the mobile device. Chat with individual team members to clarify any issues, or post any important information that needs to be known.

 Uninterrupted customer service with Zoho SalesIQ mobile apps

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