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Centralized and Secure Employee Data

All your HR administrative actions such as looking up employees, setting favourites, viewing  the organization trees and analysing attrition reports, etc can all be managed from a central location using a single dashboard.

Zoho HR

Employee Database Management

Zoho People is a centralized Human Resource Information System (HRIS) which ensures all employee data gets synced perfectly throughout all key systems, thereby making tracking employee data and records such an ease.

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Add Employees with Ease

Adding employees in bulk becomes effortless regardless of how big your workforce is. Also users can be synced from GApps, ZohoMail or even Office 365.


Multiple locations, Single Database

The biggest impact of globalization on businesses is that different records end up in different countries or even continents. But with ZOHO People all records and information can now be consolidated in one central location, which in turn speeds up HR processing drastically.

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Departments and Designations

Your workforce can be assigned into small groups, entrusting work  and approvals effectively through departments and designations. Also, proficiency and goals for each and every designation can be identified with this. 

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The synergy that develops when people get together to work on a project is vital for a company as it increases productivity, gets ideas shared and helps process information which in turn increases the efficiency of the work done. This is made possible through Groups.

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Know your Organization Tree

An organization tree defines the reporting hierarchy in a company. It can be a very useful management tool, for planning and measuring workload  and also as a personnel directory.

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Automatic Sync

As it is a cloud based software syncing data within and between multiple systems becomes consistent.

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