Zoho People - Manage Time sheets of Employees Online with Ease.

Errors caused due to manual entries can be eliminated, also since it is a cloud based application attendance data from various devices can be consolidated, scheduling jobs to employees, customizing leave types and creating time sheets becomes effortless with zoho people

Time tracking that saves time

Time tracking becomes essential for a company for various reasons like Tracking billable time, Keeping projects on track and also for Making better estimates which in turn helps with pricing. This also displays professionalism to both your employees and your clients.

Zoho people gives employees the freedom to log time on either a daily or weekly basis. They can even automate recording hours using timers. Weekly logs can be created and updated with ease for multiple projects as well.

Log time your way

Projects, sliced and diced

With zoho people the addition of new clients and projects to the system is a piece of cake. For each project jobs can be defined, assigned and time tracked.

Multiple jobs can be scheduled for one day or for the whole week and can also repost at regular intervals for recurring positions. This makes it effective to Coordinate jobs and to Track progress easily. Detailed reports can be obtained for the hours scheduled, hours logged, etc for each and every job.

Schedule jobs and track progress

See the details from ZOHO CRM

Our Time Tracker eliminates the need for manual entry, as Zoho people is integrated with Zoho CRM. This makes it possible to associate a job with a CRM client easily without the need for any extra work.  The summary of the time billed for any client can be obtained with just a single click.

Timesheets can be generated accurately for every project that has been worked on and clients billed accordingly. Timesheet approval process can be set up and it can be made sure that the reporting heads would greenlight the right jobs before the clients are billed.  A scheduler can be implemented for the employees to submit their hours and the rest would be taken care of Zoho People.

Employee timesheet and approvals

Log time to Mark Attendance

All that’s needed to record an employee’s time at the office is for the Time Tracker and Attendance Modules to be linked. The employees would just be required to log the time taken for their projects and the attendance is marked automatically.

Keeping track of the little things is vital for a business, as you would be having multiple jobs in progress simultaneously. With Zoho People it becomes easier to generate detailed reports to track the progress of any job and in turn ensure timely delivery of results.

Refined reports

Click to invoice

Zoho People makes it very simple to generate invoices as it is integrated with Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice and Quick Books. You can start getting paid by just pushing your timesheets into the invoicing software of your choice.