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Uncover smart insights with financial reporting

Turn your data into actionable images. Keep track of the numbers and alter your business strategy as Zoho Books creates reports, and charts revealing your business progress.

A powerful dashboard reporting software


View all your expenditure and income for a specific period in your dashboard. Gain insights from the dashboard and make better decisions.

Generate reports instantly when you need them

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Create custom reports for your team as you need them, without having to wait till the end of month. Drill down into the figures and take better business decisions. 

Keep team informed on every progress

Improve team collaboration by sharing reports with the entire team. Add them as recipients and grant them permission to access only the reports. Further export or print physical copies for future use.

Schedule a report to run periodically

With Zoho Books schedule your reports to run on weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly based on your business needs. Set up this in simple steps of adding the email address of the recipients and by choosing the file type of the report.

Organize better with relevant tags

Each business deal isn’t the same. Add relevant tags to your invoices, transactions and more, and generate relevant reports pertaining to specific tags. This saves you the hassle of missing out any details.


Custom business reporting

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Using Zoho Books, generate custom reports based on your business needs. The setup allows you to choose what goes into the report and what doesn’t.

Stay updated on the business metrics even when away from desk

Away from the work desk doesn’t mean to be away from your business too. View your business metrics from the Zoho Books mobile apps and stay updated on the progress.

Create tax reports without breaking a sweat

Create tax reports based on the regulations of the country you are in. Zoho Books allows you to calculate tax liability with minimal efforts.

Integrated solution with Zoho Analytics for deeper analytic insights

Make better business decisions by integrating your data with Zoho Analytics, an online reporting tool. Track and visually analyze your financial metrics with insightful dashboards and powerful reports

Accounting software with audit trail

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View and track the list of changes made to all of your business transactions. Compare the newer versions along with the details of the person who was responsible for it.

Financial reporting made easy and powerful

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