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Strike conversations with a powerful live chat software

Do not spare a second when your visitors view your web page. Strike a conversation and get to know their business needs better.

Connect with speed

Empower your sales team with automatic triggers to reach out to visitors in real time. Track them as they enter your web page. Identify your sales-ready visitor and start conversing before they even ask a question.

Roll out your best resource materials

Live chat isn’t just limited to conversations. Embed useful articles like FAQ, Blogs and more into your live chat template. This way, you can send visitors useful resources on what they are looking for, before chatting.


Create a smart conversation platform

Build a customized chatbot to overtake live chat conversations. At times of heavy visitor approach or when your sales team isn’t around, provide a quick and automated support.

Design engaging Live chat windows

All websites aren’t the same, and we know that too! SalesIQ lets you build a chat template that matches your branding. Create clean and relevant chat window designs: logos, colour, font, etc.

Empower your mobile app with mobilisten

Experience the best of the mobile app with mobilisten. With automated push notifications, take the live chat with you, wherever you go, by adding live chat to your mobile application

Integrate to level up your customer service

Improve your customer service by connecting Zoho SalesIQ with the tools you already use. Transfer data from live chats to store, process them for other useful workflows and more.


Monitor real time metrics with dashboards

Live chat monitoring dashboard gives an overview on the entire activities of your customers. Let your customer support team understand the metrics and customer demands.

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