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Drive growth with website visitor tracking

Keep track of your website visitors who come in your sales funnel. Recording the real time activity of visitors takes you one step closer for perfecting personalized interactions and conversations.

A website visitor tracking software

Recording your website visitor’s different types of activity as they enter your webpage is the prominent part of a website visitor tracking software. By this, you will be one step closer in understanding each visitor using real time data.

What to achieve with the visitor tracking results?

Convert, engage and retain more leads with the useful tracking data. When you know how many times a visitor enters, initiates chat and more, you are most likely to know the status of them in your sales funnel. With constant efforts, you will be done.


Visitor tracking in real time

Get a real time view on how many visitors are viewing your webpage. The major advantage in knowing their location, actions, frequency in visiting, etc dictates your sales team to take actions to interact with them.

Visualizing visitor status in various forms

Zoho SalesIQ lets you set up customizations, based on which visitors are sorted and presented in various forms. Visitors who do not match your criteria will appear under cold visitors. This way, quickly identify and convert more leads.

List View

You will find visitors categorized in various columns based on a specific activity. It's easy to view, and lets you find the type of visitor you are looking for.

Ring View

Rings of different sizes display visitors who are categorized. Information such as country flag, repetition, time spent on websites etc helps you identify the most qualified leads at a glance.

Rank using lead scoring

When you get the list of visitors, the next thing you want is to determine their sales readiness. Zoho SalesIQ lets you assign lead scores for repetitive visitors, who are interested in your website based on their past activity.

Prompt visitors with proactive live chats

Create prompts for offers, demos, etc in your live chats. With ZohoSales IQ, automate this process with predefined configuration. Offering proactive assistance this way, when the purchase intent is high, attracts visitors to interact right away.


Understanding new and returning visitor

Identify and welcome the visitors who come back to you with amazing experience. Learn more on the specific visitor based on their history (pages visited, chat history, etc) and deliver a customized experience.

Get updates straight to your mobile devices, which are delivered with notifications. Do not miss a single update on the arrival of visitors, old or new. In addition, the status of the visitor in the crm system will be known if you have integrated SalesIQ with Zoho CRM.

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