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Zoho Books Vendor Portal for Better Management

Vendor management is a critical aspect of any business. Understanding this, Zoho Books has introduced a new feature called ‘Vendor Portal.’ Business can be small or big or even a growing start-up. But no business has an in-house managed resource. Every company needs supplies from time to time. Here is where vendors come into play. It’s easy to manage vendors when the number is less. As the company grows, transaction grows too. Gradually it becomes tedious to manage all the purchase orders. Losing track of payments is the primary cause of poor vendor relationships.

Now, let’s see how Zoho Books (quickbooks-alternative) helps you with this process. Zoho Books’ Vendor Portal allows both the vendor and the company to communicate, review orders, track payments, etc. Both the stakeholders have access here. This vendor portal is built on two fundamental aspects - security and super convenience. Cuts down the manual time spent on the lengthy clarifying emails. Instead, your vendors get direct access to any transaction information they need. Our Zoho partners will help you set up your Zoho account in no time. Reach out to them for better Zoho implementation.

Zoho Books’ vendor portal helps you in many ways. Why should you enable the vendor portal feature today?

Easy and quick to process orders

Every detail about the purchase order and transactions gets uploaded in real-time in your vendor portal. The purchase order created will be available for viewing immediately. This helps your vendor understand your requirements – items, quantities, and the budget you plan to allow for this. Since everything is uploaded immediately, it is easier for the vendors to accept the order, share their feedback. There is a comment section where vendors can negotiate the prices as well.

Review transaction invoices

Companies find it hard to track invoices. They are unaware of when the product is shipped, and this created unwanted strain. The vendor can take a picture of the invoice with the vendor portal once the product is ready to dispatch or after shipping. This picture can be uploaded to the portal. Now, it’s easier to review the invoice and approve it. Once approved, you can create a bill in your Zoho Books organization and an invoice in their portal.

Organizing contact details is easy

Most of the time, vendors keep moving, and their contact details change accordingly. But with Zoho Books (quickbooks-alternative), your vendors can edit their information in the portal quickly. The change of details will be updated in your Zoho Books account automatically. Similarly, you might have changed your address for operation convenience. You can edit the address in the portal, and the vendor can see the new billing and shipping address in the portal. This will save from mishappenings during the shipment.

Communicate for efficiency

Vendors and companies need to work together to achieve the best. Often miscommunication leads to unnecessary fallouts. Phone calls are time-consuming, and mails are tedious. Zoho Books’ vendor portal helps you discuss orders, comment on invoices, and communicate effortlessly. Vendors can also send quick email updates by using the Send Email button. You can find it on the portal’s home page, and vendors can message you right away.

Why Vendors Will Love Zoho Books’ Vendor Portal?

Dynamic dashboard

The vendor portal looks very similar to your dashboard in Zoho Books(. This innovative and informative dashboard displays the amounts for outstanding invoices. You can also find any credits available, the accurate details of the last payment received from the customer, and any necessary documents that would have been uploaded.

The most secure access

Our Vendor Portal has one of the most secure accesses in the product industry. All you have to do is send an email invite to the vendors you want to grant access to. Once you do that, they can log into the account quickly. You can set up the initial password for the porta. Vendors can update it as per their requirements.

Be part of every transaction

With Zoho Books’ vendor portal, your vendors can view all the transactions you’ve created for them. They can be part of every communication by adding comments, uploading images of invoices they’ve created. This will help them to verify and convert invoices to transactions. They can download or print all transactions and statements of accounts for documentation.

Want to know how to get started?

Now, you can easily enable this portal from the Vendors module. Select the More dropdown and click on the Configure Vendor Portal for the required vendor. You can learn more about setting up and accessing the portal from our Zoho partners, who offer the best Zoho support.

Enable the portal access for your Zoho Books (quickbooks-alternative) account today. This increases transparency, and your vendor is always part of every transaction. Not sure yet? Talk to our Zoho partners today!

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