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Zoho Payroll - Pay On time, Everytime..

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Zoho Payroll - Texas & California

One of the important tasks for an organization is to have a proper process and procedure. Zoho has various software which can help and support an organization to set-up and make these process smooth. The best known software which has been implemented by various organization is Zoho payroll. Maintaining and generating salary details for employees is now an easy process. Now Businesses can focus on other sections of development in their business and we, Linz Technologies one of the authorized Zoho partners will help you automate the payroll process. Linz Technologies will help you right from the integration to HRMS system to make the process easy for both the businesses and their employees. Work from home is the new trend which every organization is adopting so why not we implement Zoho payroll, which is accessible from anywhere. This software is mainly helpful for HR departments that are managing payroll remotely.

What is Zoho Payroll?

It is a cloud-based payroll management system which helps in automatic calculation of salaries, it can also help the organization to access data from anywhere on any device. Zoho payroll helps in processing payroll quickly and Business can pay their employees on time. It gives an accurate net gross payment to employees which contains a throughout break up of various allowances, earnings, tax details and various other deduction. Payroll is not only about paying salaries but it also contains various other important aspects like employee’s investment declaration, tax computation on the bases of declaration submitted, reimbursements, Employees salary component, payslips generation, Employees accessible portal where all the information can be gathered related to their pay structure. It also gives statutory report based on local government norms, salary reversion details, Form 16 for India and various other features. All these features can be at one place.

Posting manual entries after every pay run is a time consuming process and demanding. That is where Zoho payroll play their part and make process smooth. Zoho books implementation can help in keeping the payroll and accounting in sync. All the payroll related expenses and tax liabilities can be recorded in the expense and liability account. Thus there is no need to post manual entries in profit and loss books and all the data will be automatically recorded and calculated so organizations financial statements can be accurate.

Why Zoho Payroll?

Fast employee onboarding

Now in this challenging situation we have to switch to virtual onboarding process system where there shouldn’t be any issue while recruiting. One of the major concerns for an employee is to see whether their company will pay them on time or not and what will be their salary structure. Zoho software can help the business in managing these requirements. Salary calculation with various components can be managed in a single platform. Based on the employee designation it will be calculating salary details and can also help streamline the process. It also automates gratuity settlement, full and final settlement calculation when an employee is leaving the organization. Automate calculation and change in salary structure if the employee is given a hike, increment or an appraisal.

Powerful Administration

There was a time when granting access to employees was a difficult task and usually an organization would end up wasting 3-4 days in giving access to employees or managing their information but with our Zoho payroll software work has become easy. Now organization can grant employees access roles and permits, delegate responsibility, manage various approvals and build or modify features based on their requirement from a single platform. Zoho payroll software has all the features an organization requires. It has various sub-features to set-up payroll details for instance- straightforward setup, multiple work location option feature, personalized salary component option, allowance categorization, various other policy setting and options which can be tailored according to the requirements of the company.

Effortless payroll process

The fastest way to setup payroll process by generating single click reports that can give all the necessary information in one go. There is option to choose industry specific pay schedule or routine that fits best for business. Organization can choose regular option to fill their employees pocket as last day of the month or can customize as per their convenience a payday. An organization doesn’t have to spend much time in finalizing payroll data while paying their employees, just a single click and no others formalities required and the payment can be released without any hassle. Even business can customize one time earning like bonuses or extra payment on holiday working and various other profit sharing programs. As every company follows policy to not to disclose salary to each other so with Zoho payroll software an organization can setup password protected payslips and make it accessible online to particular employee, just employee need to fill in their credentials and password and they can download there monthly payslip.

Secure Employee Portal access

Now the business can go green and use paperless processes, as the organization can keep all the gathered information at one place which can be easily accessible and will be secured. Companies Employees doesn’t have to look around for their payroll information and they can find their pay summary, tax summary, loan deduction or other benefits provided by their organization on a single portal. Even employees can claim their out-of-pocket business expenses easily by attaching appropriate bills through their portal. Also, employees don’t have to waste their time searching online ‘how to apply or fill tax details or download Form 16’ as all the information based on their tax bracket can be downloaded from there accessible portal. Zoho payroll software organizes the information in such a way that, while a company’s employee is leaving the organization they wouldn’t have to run around or disturb other employees while they need their clearance details or their historical payroll details. Everything can be organized through a single payroll software.

Automation of Reporting and compliance

The businesses can also automate their reports and compliance as per the standards, law and regulations based on the rules set-up by the government agencies. The organization can easy apply appropriate tax deductions, can calculate mandatory government contributions and can generate tax complaint payslips through reports options in portal. The portal will provide payroll overall view like payroll summary, employees salary statement, payroll liability summary, reimbursement summary or LOP details. Even statutory reports like EPF summary, ESI summary, PT monthly or annual statements can be downloaded from a single platform. Every organization has to maintain overall details related to their employee payroll which can not only benefit them in audit but also will be beneficial while they are calculating their financial statements as all the expenses related to the payroll is automatically added in their financial reports.

There are other benefits and features of Zoho payroll which we at Linz Technologies, Zoho consultant can help you understand. Please reach out to us on 91-9500014757 or write us to book a demo or know more about the Zoho payroll software. As Linz we ensure to understand your salary structure and implement as per your business needs.


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