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Why Zoho People HR is the best software for your organization?

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Zoho People Implementation Dubai

Why Linz for ZOHO PEOPLE Implementation?

1) We understand your organizational needs

We let you undergo the most important step in the process. We probe you to answer the question, “What are the biggest HR issues in my organization?” Based on this list, you can select the Zoho People HR’s features that would resolve these issues. We also factor in the organization’s size, culture, growth rate, and other administrative plans while making this list. Only after in-depth research, we will let you make a targeted decision.

2) We bring your team together

A healthy team should have different perspectives and opinions. This is very critical to the success of your business. Zoho People HR collaborates with your team members and accepts constant feedback to improve the software based on your needs. We listen closely to any concerns or expectations that you might have. We will help get greater insight into any obstacles well in advance before it happens. Zoho People HR starts its implementation software only after considering these factors and getting approval from your top management.

3) We let you decide on upgrades and modifications

When we have the final list ready from you, we decide how to implement it without any friction. We consider any existing HR software that you might already have in place and try to work along with it instead of scrapping it off completely which might lead to data loss. If needed we also guide throughout the entire migration that might fit better for your organization. We constantly work with you for better integrations, customization, upgradation, and modification keeping the future of your organization’s growth in mind, not just your current needs.

4) We take the weight off your HR department.

Zoho People HR includes an automation feature that will help your HR team to break free from the tedious shackles of routine tasks. It streamlines your daily processes and other administrative tasks, which gives you time and resources to focus more on your employees. You can also improve your organization’s employee happiness quotient and engagement. Zoho People HR makes the Hr department’s job easier and less time-consuming. It reduces employee turnover drastically because the HR team can create, build, and implement better people management strategies.

5) We have seamless integrations and customization.

It is possible that your business can depend on several different applications, that’s why Zoho People HR software is designed flexible enough to integrate with many other applications to keep your workflows running smoothly. It is highly customizable to suit your business needs but is also very user friendly. Zoho People HR offers different levels of management, and customization also extends internally to satisfy the requirements of individual teams.

6) We stay within your budget.

Zoho People HR comes within your budget. It is the right HR software that will meet most of your requirements and does not burn a hole in your pocket. You can verify your purchase and will give you the ROI that you expected and make a decision accordingly.

7) We have better review, support, and demo.

Zoho People HR involves customer reviews, vendor support, and product demos. We constantly check for customer feedback about the product of your choice across the internet. These websites will also give you an idea of what kind of vendor support to expect after the purchase. Finally, we also have really good product demos which will give you a glimpse of the software, revealing you to how easy it is to implement and understand. If you still find it hard to make the final choice, check out their free trial to explore the products in more depth.

There are so many HR management software in the market and each product offers its unique set of features. But the HR Software that you choose for your organization should be very consistent with your company’s culture, goals, size, and requirements. Don’t opt for a temporary, but a permanent solution to ease your HR management for a longer period.

Zoho People is one such very unique and useful software application to take care of all your HR processes and empower your workforce. It will help you handle everything from onboarding to exit management.

Still not sure? Talk to Zoho Implementation Partners Today!

You can enjoy all these features of Zoho People provided your implementation process is smooth and seamless. Zoho Implementation is the process of mapping your business process to the Zoho suite of applications. This is where Zoho Implementation partners such as Linz Technologies will come in handy. As a Zoho Implementation partner, we identify key business gaps and fix the issues with Zoho’s Solution.

Are you looking for Zoho partners in Dubai? You have come to the right place. Check out Linz Technologies – the perfect Zoho Implementation Partner for you!


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