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Zoho Recuit Business Hours and Calendar Bookings

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Setting up ZOHO Recruit Business Hours & Calendar Booking


With the current covid-19 global pandemic turning its wheel harshly forward, multiple organizations, team members and beloved families struggling to overcome and fight the same, we are aware of the lack of communication for an efficient collaboration hasn’t been an easy task. It has always been our priority to help our customers in every possible way at Zoho Recruit. What drives us forward is the desire to deliver the features you’ve been asking for no matter what in this tough time. The ability to log into business hours in Zoho recruit is something that everyone has been looking forward to. Availability features can be set according to your preference with the help of calendar bookings feature. Linz Technologies as your ZOHO Recruit partner can help you implement these features to your organization.

Why we built the business Hours

With different time zones kept in mind, effective communication between corporations or organizations along with our customers can be a challenge. Its an epitome for our customers to schedule meetings and mark their business hours for better communications and collaborations. Enabling the same can help our customers provide meeting hours and conduct interviews with ease and comfort as it makes the whole smoother.

How it works

One can choose 24/7 or 24/5 working model depending on the organization ones part of. As an added advantage one can customize the model depending on the different schedules on different days and also change the same according to various work weekends of the month.


· Change schedules

· Create holidays

· Introduce break hours

· prevent two events overlapping

(System alerts you when two events are scheduled at the same time)

· Mark days and time when users are unavailable

Availability Preference

The feature of calendar bookings comes specifically handy when one can share availability preferences so that it becomes easy for others to make appointments. One will be able to share one's availability through a link which can be shared via email.


Candidates have the power to choose dates, reschedule or cancel meetings according to their preference and time zones. Give this new beastly feature a drive and update us on the same with feedbacks. Our support team will be more than glad to answer your additional queries so as to help you with every step.

Linz Technologies is a Premium Zoho Partner who helps you to implement ZOHO Calendar Booking and Business Hours in ZOHO RECRUIT based on your business requirements.

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