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Improving Customer Experience - Zoho Sales IQ

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Improving Customer Experience - Zoho Sales IQ

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In this blog, we'll be looking at different ways to improve your customer experience with Zoho Sales IQ as your sales partner or sales guidance to the business. In the AI intellectual era, inter connectivity of business knowledge and automated tools or (adapting) technology sounding methodologies have become a need and an essentially.

Let us look at different ways in which one can improve their business through customer experience with Zoho.

Number One: Initiating conversation using the chat trigger:

In ancient times, brands were waiting for customers to reach out and ask for what they needed. But today, we can drag customers to the brand, we can feature ourselves to the customers and make ourselves renowned among the existing brands, we can create a match, we can form a new picture to our brand and we can do everything mentioned above using a website, social media handle, a proper marketed ad campaigns and a lot more with Zoho Sales IQ.

Number Two: Visited tracking or live view features of Zoho Sales IQ.

One can check what your customer is looking at and understand the intention of that customer into your website or into your social media handle. This can make a proactive initiation with a conversation as a chat trigger. Now, when you are approaching the customer, you can approach them with exactly what they have in mind and what they need from your company.

For that long term conversion goal how does this work? Just another customer lifecycle goal or a customer's life cycle followed with another simple metric. You are using your the customer’s information to optimistically make a conversion. You are doing this by telling them what you can do for them to make that deal go coherent with you and the customer.

Number Three: Break a barrier and support the product to customer.

Every customer experience is measured to have multiple points in which interaction product or service, customer support and a lot of other significant factors get determined with this. On an average with key points, a customer spends a lot of time interacting with the support system for every department. The customer costs 65% of the customers say that they want to change to a different plan because of the experience that they've gained so far through the brand. This is the reason the cost of making a customer support is crucial and losing that can be losing the total number of happy customers that you've acquired so far with your business journey in your business industry.

Literally this is un affordable with Zoho SalesIQ. You are here with improvised customer experience using proactive customer support with a live chat facility. This is important with keen features such as screen-sharing, when necessary for the customer to understand the product in most depth possible audio calls with our live clients, consultants and BPO people who can guide your customer with all that details one could provide with an audio call. Remote access for faster resolution of the product or service along with seamless customer queries.

If you're not just fine with this, you can also serve your customers better using integrations of Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk. Zoho CRM is a platform where you tend to manage Customer Relationship Management (CRM), across your business with different clients and different projects that you're working through. Similarly, Zoho Desk is a help desk or a virtual help desk that helps your customers to get hands on doubt clarification and customer support with every other possible service and support we can provide for your company with to Help Desk.

Number Four: Get an Automated Bot to business like a pro beyond your business hours.

With the modern round operations modern culture with the industry, business or the practice of working into the business has faded away. Today, the width and depth of getting internet reach has expanded widely. With customer’s expectations, we are planning to serve them all day.

They need us whenever they have time to check us out. So are we ready for it? But apart from your working hours, optimizing this with human power to impress the customer service can be hectic. You can use what automation can with Zoho SalesIQ support to help you. It takes care of your off-hour needs. With this you can afford to have a 24*7 support of customer experience and customer service to engage your company with customers beyond your business habits. You now never miss a customer who is visiting your site and needing your customer support of your business.

Number Five: Answer bot or instant answer bot in your website.

Your website has multiple benefit-powered technology bot. Zia for Zoho site is an answer bot that helps you with NLP driven chatbot which is Natural Language Processing.

For effectivity in Implementation, Support, Training and Consultancy on Zoho Books, Check out Linz Technologies and Linz Consultants.

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