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Zoho Voice Offers SMS and engagement to help improve customer conversion flows

Zoho Voice is introducing two-way SMS to help you improve customer engagement. Since the beginning, Zoho Voice has continued helping businesses to optimistically manage the business at the highest possibilities. Zoho is always thrilled to announce them adding a lot of other communication channels and means that we effectivity make to turn engagement with the prospects and customers to a vast extent.

With SMS messages having an open rate of about 90% and a response rate of 40% in today's economy, making comparative changes to correspond with these figures of emails is 20% on 5%. This has been derived from multiple surveys with which we clearly get to know that SMS is a better way to make engagement with prospects and customers for a business rather than piling up user messages into the inbox of the customer's emails.

Zoho provides voice and SMS services through the same window. You can make agents work more agile with the same product. it becomes a two-way conversation supporting agent that helps you use SMS messaging to make chat-like SMS conversations with your contacts single-handedly.

Exploring more about SMS with Zoho Voice

How do you send an SMS message with Zoho Voice?

This is a very lucrative and straightforward step. You'll have to navigate to the SMS tab simply and click on new SMS, select the number that you want to send this message to and select your choice of text. While doing this, the number can be chosen from contacts or one can directly type a number manually to send the message and click on send.

When the prospect or the customer tends to notice your message, you will receive a reply from the SMS chat box.

Coming into two-way SMS and one-way SMS, let's know what are each other, the difference between them and why is it really prominent. When you're Zoho Voice SMS for sending and receiving messages through SMS with the same number each and every time, you need to purchase a local number from the numbers page and create a request to enable your message functionality through the number. Here the number acts as a sender's ID to send this SMS message. Recipients are allowed to reply back to the same number.

This feature has enabled availability with local usage within the USA and Canada. Zoho is planning to extend this SMS service worldwide to all tier-one countries to boost productivity with two-way services such as SMS. Similarly, one way SMS is the method in which Zoho allows you to send messages to any country using the US and Canada local numbers. The recipient here receives the message as an estimate from a raw SMS with a random short code or a long code number. This is automatically chosen by the destination country or based on the destination country.

Recipients will not be able to reply back to the SMS being sent and that is the difference between one-way and two-way SMS. In one-way, the recipient will not be able to reply back, whereas, in the two-way SMS, the recipient will be able to reply back and make a response to your SMS.

Initiation of an SMS conversation from your contacts module can be made by clicking the ‘send SMS’ button next to your phone number. It asks you whether you have to send an SMS. Check with a character limit of one SMS. Mostly the character limit here will stick to 160. When you're sending a message or an SMS that has a character restriction of 160 but you have to send something more than 160 characters, you can send them separately as individual messages. SMS rate is highly based on the number of parts that you send it with.

Best practices that you can follow with this SMS.

  1. You can productively and consistently follow this route and make efficient conversions from your customers or prospects.

  2. Here you begin with introducing yourself for the first time or for remarketing and explain to the recipient what you're here for.

  3. It maybe what's your business or what you are conveying here in specific.

  4. Then, get the consent of this particular recipient about having or receiving messages from your company or your esteem channel and then select or have options to allow the user not to send marketing messages to make them choose what they want.

  5. Now, create individual timings for your text. You can text your prospects or customers with relevance to normal business hours and it's rich when you're keeping a check with your time zones.

  6. We can boost the chance of efficiency in getting a reply back from the customer or the prospect by making it the shortest and crispy to the context.

  7. You may just ask them to say you're going to make this a short message. Since the limit size is 160, even if you want to send multiple parts of that 160 characters.

  8. It is advisable that you stick to the minimalistic part of getting that SMS into 160 characters.

  9. Every time you send a message to your customer or your prospect, we request you to be professional with acronyms and syllables.

  10. Do not forget to double-check all the typos you've did and avoid sending a message in a hurry and losing your reputation with simple grammatical mistakes or typos.


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