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Zoho Recruit is the best ats software that lets you to parse multiple resumes, transfer candidate data directly into Candidate/Client Database, It also lets you to format CV’s/ resumes to represent your brand.

resume database software

Resume Parsing

  • Map Zoho Recruit fields while parsing resumes from different sources.

  • Resume data will automatically be saved onto the Recruit candidate database.

  • Quickly process a number of resumes at once and save Time.

resume database management software

Formatted Resumes

  • Bring in a sense of uniformity in the resumes you send out to your clients. Zoho recruit allows you to Customize a template, ensure how you want your branding to be placed on it and delete candidate credentials before sending them out.

  • Zoho Recruit already has some pre-designed themes, which you can utilise to brand your organization.

  • Design your own theme for your organisation and save it.

  • Using merge fields option, you can add relevant content to the resume format.

resume tracking software

Resume Extractor

  • The Zoho Recruit Resume Extractor for Google Chrome is a simple and easy way to capture any resume from the web browser and parse it into your recruit database with just a click.

  • Highlight the information you want to import and just click the icon.

  • Parse even from LinkedIn or any other web page.

cloud based job management software

Resume Inbox

  • As a recruiter, your inbox gets flooded with resumes everyday.
    Stop wasting time searching through each and every email to find a new candidate's resume. Switch to the Resume Inbox

  • De clutter your inbox

  • Transfer the candidate details directly to Zoho Recruit.

  • Automatically parse resumes from Zoho, Gmail, Zoho Mail and Outlook inboxes.

  • Configure this feature for any resume received from a job opening on a job board.

Zoho Recruit

Find your best Talent with the Best Applicant Tracking Solution

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