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Zoho Backstage - The Right Event Management Software for Your Organization

We empower event organizers to plan and execute conferences, meetups, and product launches better and brighter.



New look to your Virtual Events

Get on the online mode and run your events virtually using Zoho Backstage on Air. Live cast your meetings, make your presentations interactive, and make online events fun!

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Make your event experience exceptional

Designs that stand out

Build a concrete digital presence

Create a long-lasting impact for your event with an impactful, multilingual website and a mobile app in just a few clicks. Don’t have the time? Use our tailor-made themes and pre-built templates to go live in minutes!

zoho backstage event management software

Widen your market

Make your outreach more extensive and better

Event management is directly connected to building your brand awareness. Achieve that by embedding the event page on other websites and blogs—Garner social media following by creating banner images without needing design expertise.

Sell with hassle

Create a seamless registration and ticketing experience

Attendance is an important metric to measure success. Ensure your event process enables easy registration, and don’t forget to nurture your attendees via emails to show up. Control your ticket sales and streamline payments instantly.
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Get your sponsor

Manager sponsorships efficiently

Are you thinking about selling sponsorships related to your event? Decide and design your own tiers and packages to attract prospective sponsors. Effectively manage, track sponsorship requests, and select sponsors to highlight on the website. 

Track and analyze

Access all your event metrics in one dashboard

Track your registrations, ticket sales, attendes details, count, session, and more on the go. Access all these details on a single screen. Stay top of all the metrics to analyze your results.

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Create your events to be more interactive

zoho people attendes.jpg

Engage your attendees well

Break the monotonicity of your sessions by organizing polls, asking questions, commenting, and liking slides. Help them to engage using their mobile app and send alerts to notify when necessary.

zoho empower speaker.jpg

Empower your speakers more

Design special features and equip them to introduce themselves and answer questions directly. They can also upload presentations on your event site with the minimum process

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Brand your events with well-deserving badges

Design custom event badges with QR codes to help your attendees. Use our smart badge builder to unleash the designer in you and sport your badge at your next event.

Zoho Backstage is ready for you, your events, and your attendees

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For organizers

Use our event planners with a dedicated app to reach and engage with your attendees irrespective of wherever you are. Share details, announcements, manage attendees and pictures.


For attendees

Create an easy mobile experience for attendees with our custom-branded mobile app to empower them. Help them to participate in discussions, craft personalized agendas, and receive announcements.

Get your next event ready with Zoho Backstage—the best event planning software for your events!
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