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Zoho CRM gives you the freedom to interact with your customers on multiple channels. It also consolidates all the data which makes it easier for your employees to interact with the customers in a better manner.

Sales Signals

Zoho CRM -Sales Signal.png

Using sales signals is as easy as interacting with your timeline on social media and it helps keep track of all your customer interactions. It also notifies you when your emails are opened, your brand gets mentioned across social media, calls made to your company for possible business opportunities, etc.


Zoho CRM enables you to sync customer emails directly from your inbox to your CRM. It also comes with features which give you reports based on if your emails have been viewed and it gives analaysis on your interactions from your mails to help establish better relations with your customer. There are also security functions which let an employer or manager view the conversation between an employee and a customer for better understanding of the business exchanges that have taken place.


Zoho - telephone -integration - service

You can now keep track of all phone calls you make with your customers with the help of the phonebridge which is integrated into Zoho CRM. This not only helps you make calls but also stores all your customers information along with taking any notes for conversations with them, it also reminds you of any calls you had missed.

Zoho email.png


Zoho Social to CRM Integration.png

You can share posts, have conversations and even close deals all from your social media like facebook, twitter and google+ using Zoho CRM’s social tab. Real time responses on social media helps you keep in touch with potential customers better.


Zoho CRM Web Portal.png

With the help of distinct portals,  your customers, vendors and partners  can now access their respective records, cases, quotes, sales orders, invoices etc. This helps them make well informed decisions.


Zoho Sales IQ Chat.png

Zoho CRM’s live chat option enables you to turn all your chat into leads. You can also add deals and follow ups, all this directly from the chat window. The live chat also lets you know if a customer is new or has already conversed with you.

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