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Generate more leads with a CRM Solution

With Zoho SalesIQ - Zoho CRM integration pass on your visitors as leads and nurtures them in your lead process

Reshape your sales cycle with chatbots

Interactions via chatbots, that are available 24*7 will assist your visitors, even while the team is away from the desk. With customized chatbots up and running in minutes, never miss out leads who land in your website.

Grow your customer base in Zoho CRM

Add leads into Zoho CRM at the time you engage with visitors. Add them in a single click when you see them as a potential buyer.


Discover visitor information with Clearbit integration

Get visibility on visitor data with our integration with Clearbit. Pass on the leads quickly to Zoho CRM, mapping to the respective fields.

Receive instant notifications and never miss a follow up

Always be aware of lead status with the powerful Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho CRM integration. Get instant notifications inside CRM, when a prospect visits your website. Additionally, you will be alerted when an existing CRM leads lands on your website.

Know the sales ready leads with lead scoring

Rate the sales readiness of your visitor to decide on the priority leads. With Zoho SalesIQ rate the visitor based on factors that matters to you (location, number of visits, etc).

Initiate conversation at the right time using CRM data

Trigger chat invites visitors, when a certain set of criteria is met. Set criteria based on their activity, and reach out to them to initiate conversations and influence their buying decisions.


Keep track of visitor history for personalized interactions

Engage returning visitors contextually by knowing their chat history. Sync the chats as attachments and notes in your Zoho CRM lead information and relate it to personalize conversations.

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