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Document management for accounting software

Zoho Books eliminates the manual labour of downloading and extraction of documents. It does the heavy lifting for you by minimizing costs, errors and creates a hassle-free environment for your team.

Automatically extract data from the documents


Using the Auto-scan option, you can extract the data from the documents. Further use them as invoices, bills, sales orders and more! 

Receive documents directly to your account

zoho invoice automation  bill.jpg

Save yourself the hassle of going behind documents. Allow your contacts to email files directly to your account, and further create transactions from there.

Simplify record-keeping

Pair the right documents with your transactions. Zoho Books suggests you the document that best matches the transaction you create.

Collaboration with accountant made easy

Make the job easy for your accountants by attaching relevant documents for all transactions. Zoho Books allows you to attach photos of bills or receipts with the transaction itself.

Manage multiple files with ease

Chaos due to multiple files? Create custom folders based on the type of project, and more and organize the files inside it. Further give permissions to specific users for a restricted access.


Managing business at ease is only a click away!

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