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Zoho Remotely - Remote Work Suite

(Zoho has announced Remotely will remain free till July 1, 2020 by which time we hope the Corona virus (COVID19) crisis tides over.)

Where you are, is your workplace!

Zoho Work remotely.

Zoho Project Management tool

Face-to-face meetings and teamwork are the preferred ways to get the work done. When the team is set apart, we all understand that team has to work remotely. Companies look for the best online project management software when they are getting stuck in how to track employees working from home irrespective of their location.

Zoho Remotely caters you with the curated work from home tools as a cloud based Remote Work suite of web and mobile apps for your productive work environment. With these progressive apps you can virtually interact, collaborate and work efficiently.

Note: Remotely remains free until July 1, 2020 to get over the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. We believe Zoho Suite can empower many teams work remotely.

Get the Zoho Remotely - free project management tools for SMBs to collaborate and give your best work.

  • Cliq

  • Meeting

  • ShowTime

  • WorkDrive

  • Projects

  • Sprints

  • Assist

  • Writer

  • Sheet

  • Show

Communication Apps - Connect and chat remotely, from anywhere

Don’t let the distance disturb your communication!

Whether you are having a business meeting, an online training, a request for customer service, or an essential sales pitch, the suite of apps from Remotely would allow you to perform all your business interactions online.

Group communications are not difficult anymore when these tools are on your access.

  • Zoho Cliq

  • Zoho ShowTime

  • Zoho Meeting

Build channels and handle several calls, Make a video or audio call to your colleagues. Share documents, turn messages to assignments, and more from your conversation. Cliq is a communication platform for remote operations.

Collaboration Apps – Work together effortlessly, from anywhere

If you're collaborating on a plan or a project together, shared team spaces for remote work, such as Zoho WorkDrive, can be helpful. Whether you adopt the waterfall approach, we recommend Zoho Projects comes with Gantt charts and timesheets, best online project management app and if you are utilizing agile project management, we recommend Sprints, all of which would be included in Remotely.

  • Zoho WorkDrive

  • Zoho Projects

  • Zoho Sprints

Function together in teams from various places. Plan and track your projects, delegate job assignments, organize timelines using free online timesheets for employees, and assess your team performance.

Set up team drives, exchange files with people involved and work together to accomplish tasks.

Productivity Apps - Attain efficiency while working remotely

Zoho Implementation partners

The productivity tools included in Remotely empower you to create and work on content, wherever you are.

Enhance efficiency with the workplace applications built to function together. Blogging, reviewing spreadsheets and prepare presentations using productivity tools.

  • Zoho Writer

  • Zoho Sheet

  • Zoho Show

You get a impressive and convenient presentation builder with Zoho Show, which encourages your team to function concurrently on the same deck, regardless of version.

Create, develop and modify data as a team.

Remote Assistance Apps – Mobile support, no matter where you are

Zoho Assist is cloud-based remote assistance and remote access platform that lets you manage remote support sessions for customers from a distance via web-based on-demand assistance.

  • Zoho Assist

Set up unattended internet connectivity and seamlessly control centralized PCs, tablets, handheld devices, and servers. A few minutes is all you need to create better connections and provide remote support for your clients.

Meet the colleagues and clients irrespective of their location, across safe virtual sessions. Take acknowledged control over their system and provide support through your web .

What is Zoho Remotely?

Zoho Remotely is a cloud-based Work Suite for remote workers that helps you connect and interact with your team, keep track of work hours, and offer online assistance to your customers around the globe.

  • Zoho Cliq – Internal Team communication app

  • Zoho Meeting – Video conferencing app with screen sharing

  • Zoho ShowTime – Online Training tool for Business

  • Zoho WorkDrive –  Online file storage and collaboration platform

  • Zoho Projects – Project management software

  • Zoho Sprints – Agile project management software

  • Zoho Assist – Instant Remote support software

  • Zoho Writer – Word Processing Application for Business

  • Zoho Sheet – Spreadsheet app create, edit, share, collaborate and publish spreadsheets

  • Zoho Show – Business Presentation tool

Why Zoho Remotely?

To simplify your business processes and make work from home possible. With Zoho Remotely, Teams can collaborate seamlessly. It makes your businesses thrive during this coronavirus pandemic.

What is Zoho Remotely’s pricing?

Zoho Remotely Suite will be free of cost until 1 July, 2020. The pricing for Remotely will be announced soon by Zoho Corporation.

In Zoho Remote, what applications are included?

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