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Personalize and set up to fit the best for your business

Looking to implement SalesIQ? Set it up in a few minutes

Zoho SalesIQ is an easy to set up software for small and medium businesses. You can set it up for your website in 5 minutes. Yes, you heard it right. All you need to do is to paste the code snippet and visitor tracking and your website is geared up for excelling in customer service.

Design chat windows to match your branding

Let the live chat experience be in par with your website design and branding. Zoho SalesIQ has flexible customization options that let you mindfully design chat windows. Decide on colours, add logos, personalized welcome messages and more.


Handle multiple departments effectively

Handle your live chat team by allocating chat departments for them. Assign them to a department they excel at. This way, visitors get relevant answers quickly from the highly proficient team member. This way, shifting visitors between sales reps can be avoided.

Quick user replies using canned responses

Don’t type the same thing a billion types. Reduce this hassle and save tons of time using canned responses. This way, in just a click search for predetermined responses from your live chat and send them right away to your visitors.

Zoho SalesIQ Javascript APIs

Our easy to use Javascripts APIs lets you design your live chats based on your preferences with minimal efforts. By pasting the code your website is ready to accept live chats. Learn more on our APIs and discover new ways to handle customer support.

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