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Recover Your Business with Zoho Applications

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

We have entered into a new phase of life where we have to accept the new living standards and live with it. This pandemic has frozen our daily normal life where we were used to having business deals face to face, daily meeting with our colleagues was normal but now we have to adopt strategies of living and move to a better digital world. Seems like yesterday when we were booking our flights and hotels to meet our customers. Now we have entered a new era where we have to protect ourselves without affecting our relationship with customers. CoVid-19 has affected various business operations that directly affect our economy.

This pandemic has definitely affected many businesses which is unavoidable but businesses should think positively and focus on how to minimize their losses and find various ways to capitalize on opportunities which should be cost effective. This downfall doesn’t mean that we should be de-motivated rather we should be ready with other strategies which can help us in improving and growing our businesses.

Looking at the current scenario we have to understand that both safety and health of the customers and businesses is important. We cannot neglect the fact that our life is at risk if we behave carelessly. Many businesses are facing difficulties in maintaining relationships with their customers, employees and stakeholders. This pandemic has largely affected small-medium enterprises causing them to face difficulties in running their businesses and maintaining a stable relationship with their customers. SME’s have started focusing on setting-up virtual offices to ensure their business does not suffer much damage. In these challenging circumstances must help small-medium enterprises in surviving this pandemic.

Zoho had taken initiatives and stepped forward to help small business by launching an emergency assistance program which gave free access to the company’s powerful CRM tools for the last three months. This is just the beginning in helping various ventures but there are other benefits to using Zoho as a cost-effective CRM tool. Zoho CRM has various features such as Analytics mobile application, CRM Analytics, CRM with Email, Cohort & Quadrant Analysis, Artificial intelligence, etc. These features are available at a very reasonable price to all business sectors. In this pandemic Zoho has proven that they are capable of financially and empathetically helping businesses expand and last through these testing times. Zoho software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system has ensured that the customer engagement and experience will never be compromised even if we are going through pandemic situation.

Zoho CRM helps the businesses to interact with their precious customer which helps in building their bond stronger with automation. This CRM does not only capture information about customers but also involves using the technology to gather intelligence needed by businesses to provide enhanced services and support to its customers. It stands as a pillar of support which helps the business in utilizing that information for betterment of their existing customer needs and also identifying new customers in the market, which results in the profitability and growth of the intended organization. It is a cost effective method for fulfilling the requirement of business. Zoho software makes each and every costumer feel like they have one on one relationship with their businesses. This effective CRM tools gives the opportunity to businesses in proving to their customers that they know and recognize them, understand their requirements, ease out interaction, and deliver services and support that satisfies their requirements.

Linz Technologies as Zoho partner not only implements Zoho software but they also make life easier for the businesses by providing various benefits such as sales force automation, helps in optimizing workflow that helps in reducing manual data entry and speeding up the process.

With Zoho CRM, creating customized customer detailing with the command center, streamlining the process in maintaining proper reports and identify various loopholes so that necessary measures can be taken to improve the process. Real time interaction with customers through email, telephone or feedbacks on customer portals is also a feature. As businesses grow, maintaining every day performance of sales or achieving targets becomes difficult with Zoho CRM software it becomes easy to maintain the reports, analyzing the performance, maintaining the past trends, which helps in making decisions easy and businesses can get ready with the forecast and budget for future growth of their organization. A time saving tool is very important for a business that is aiming to grow in the market. Every business has different requirements such as viewing information, language, currency, etc. to fulfill all these needs Linz Technologies as Zoho consultant helps in customizing various features to mold CRM to fit in a business. Being updated with all the information is very important for an organization, this CRM tools can also be operated from a mobile so that the business can connect faster with their clients and colleagues.

To stay away from scams and be secured is very important for a business this has also been taken care of by Zoho software protects customer data and also gives employees freedom to get the work done easily from anywhere. Staying updated every day and being ready to develop with a proper customer management tool can help in taking proper decisions. Zoho’s best implementation consulting partner helps in implementing Zoho suite of applications and also provide a better service so that the businesses will not face any problem while using this software.

To help you fight and recover from CoVid-19, Zoho offers another support by offering free remote working application “ZOHO REMOTELY” for all customers until Sep 1, 2020. (

This pandemic is just another challenge for us which we have to fight with our shields ready. Linz Technologies as Authorized Zoho Partner based in India and Dubai are ready to help in bringing back the business with a better strategy, which will ensure the growth of business and help them secure more opportunities. It is time to think how we can improve customer engagement, enhance customer experience and create valuable relation with customer and employees. In this CoVid-19 situation the business should focus on utilizing digital market and marketing technology to connect with customers, Zoho ONE is one of the best tools which has the ability to help various business ventures in achieving these targets. We shouldn’t forget that if the company is taking good care of their customers and employees in this current situation, providing significant content and values they will definitely reap profits, customer satisfaction and cooperation from employees in the future.

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