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Zoho Recruit- Simplify your hiring needs

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Zoho Recruit consulting partner
Zoho Recruit

“Recruitment is getting the right talent at right time for right role with the right cost”

The traditional way of recruitment has changed. Compared to a few years ago, candidates have far more power during the job search now. As per latest research on every recruiters’ everyday work experience, the current job market is more than 90% candidate driven. That implies you don’t pick talent anymore. Talent picks your company. Subsequently, finding and hiring ideal fits for job, especially those candidates with niche skills, has become an extremely challenging, expensive and time-consuming task. That’s why there is a major shift going on in the recruiting paradigm. The focus is now on candidates’ experience, who are being treated like customers.

Finding the best talent and improving the recruiting strategy has always been a challenging task for any Recruiter in any industry. But Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Zoho recruit provides you an end to end solution for your recruitment needs.

Hire the best for your team:

Zoho recruit provide features to let you reach the most talented candidates and let you stay updated on all the ways they apply for jobs. It enhances visibility for all your job openings by creating a custom careers page based on the requirement and extend your reach using widespread job boards, direct sourcing, and social media.

It integrates with several popular job boards like naukri, indeed, making it easier for recruiters to attract the best talent without switching between multiple browser tabs.

Zoho recruit utilizes your company's official social medial accounts like Twitter and Facebook pages to their full potential. It lets recruiters reach candidates on their preferred social media networks.

No more fear of lost resumes:

Zoho Recruit parses multiple resumes, transfers candidates information directly into the candidate database, and format CVs to best represent your company brand. It parses multiple resumes at once.

Everyday recruiters deal with hundreds of resumes. Zoho Recruit minimizes the time needed to complete this enormous task into a couple of minutes. With the resume parsing features, recruiters can:

· Map Recruit fields while parsing resumes from different sources.

· Resume data will automatically be saved onto the candidate database.

· Save time and process a number of resumes at once

· It also has Resume extractor feature for Google chrome, which is a simple and easy way to capture any resume from the web and parse it into your recruit database with just a click.

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Analytics that lead to strategies:

Analytics is hot cake in the recruitment field. With vast data to keep track of and less time than ever to analyse it, Hr professionals need solutions that will help them make informed business decisions. Zoho Recruit's Advanced Recruit Analytics powered by Zoho Analytics, will back all your presentations with data trends, plan your next quarter and keep track of how teams perform.

You can get a quick overview of the status of your all jobs, interviews scheduled and candidates got hired. It also helps you calculate Time to hire, cost per hire, turn up ratio, offer acceptance ratio, etc

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